Translate stuff?

Hey everybody,
just discovered Fallen London a few weeks ago (how could I miss this!), bam, I’m awestruck dead with it. What can you do. Discovered StoryNexus right after that. Being sort of a writer myself, now I’d love to try my hands on a bit of digital storytelling. Problem is: My German-ness. No way around it. I want to create a German language storygame. Now I already found out that I can change lots of default ingame messages, like QLDs and stuff. But the remaining English-language system messages in a German-language game sort of suck in terms of immersiveness. Is there a way, for example, to make StoryNexus say &quotFlahren fahren Achtung guten Tag&quot instead of &quotYour Pinned Cards. Click a Card to Play it.&quot That is to say: Is it possible to translate the entire template?
I’d be very thankful for any advice on this.

I don’t think that’s possible, alas. There are a lot of elements of the template you don’t have any control over.

Wow, that was quick, thanks. Shame though, what are we poor Germans to do now… I really LIKE the way StoryNexus handles things, and I can’t seem to find a platform with similar style and functionality and enough customizability to Germanize it completelty… Any advice from all the pros around here would be much appreciated, seems like there are not a whole lot of people in my country I could ask stuff like that. What I could find so far in terms of a German IF scene reminds me slightly of my last visit to the Tomb Colonies.

For what it’s worth, I think there are other German players in FL and SN. I don’t know how many or what proportion though! I don’t know of any other platforms that are similar myself.

There is also Varytale. Previously known as Prisoner’s Honey. Emily Short wrote something wonderful on it.

…I think it might be in worse shape than Storynexus, apparently the partner of FBG on Varytale got really ill a few years ago so Varytale is in super-stasis. Still worth a look.
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Thanks for your replies - I’ll check out Varytale, and maybe have a look if Twine can be twisted to output something vaguely StoryNexus-like.