Traitor's Wood (SPOILERS)


Guys and gals, I’ve done a few expeditions in Traitor’s Wood and have volunteered to take up the Tamer’s mantle. Upon visiting the Summerset camp I’m now told I can start the 1001 days of service, which will conclude the storyline. Am I missing something out here? I have a feeling there’s more story out there waiting for me… And I’m also a bit frightened to fastforward timeflow (if that’s even possible in this game’s world) as I might lose other quest bits elsewhere? Has anybody done this? What were the consequences?

I can’t really say, as I went with tasking one of the archaeologist to take the burden of service. I need to come back in one year.
I read a post on steam where he stated that this story ending were a bit sloppy, where the captain takes a one year contract of service away from his ship and that this would lead to mutiny from the crew (no captain, free ship?). The devs had no explaination for this except that maybe he used hours to reduce the time away.

The consequences used to be more severe in Early Access, with a 10 point Iron loss in exchange for a 10 point Hearts gain. In this game, you gain 2000 or so Experience and a Searing Enigma, but for me it lost me 50 or so Strength of the Sun and put the Tacketies in charge of New Winchester. I’m glad I did it, but I’ll probably give one of the academics the role of the Tamer this game.

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Without spoilers… honestly, it’s a huge resource sink of a quest, and the rewards aren’t huge. But it’s a big chunk of one of the more important stories in the game, however you choose to end it.

Is it, though? I haven’t really seen any real plot changes from the Wood being tamed.
Would there be more of an impact if i choose to not have it tamed?