Traitor's Wood questline? [spoilers]

Traitor’s wood is strange.

At the camp there, you can find three scholars who respectively believe Charlemagne, some sumerian goddess, and Saint John, are buried in the nearby tomb.
It seems frankly absurd, theres no reason to believe any of them are true as far as i can tell

But it gets more absurd. You can embark on a -theoretically- scientific expedition into the woods, to uncover the truth.
The thing is, what you find at the end is not absolute truth. You find a relic of some sort, but you get to CHOOSE what sort it is. You literally get to dictate truth. This is not science. You choose it to take the form of a relic that would benefit one of the three theories, and then take that back to the respective scholar

I’ve not gone farther into it than one expedition so far, the whole idea has kind of turned me off. I don’t see any reason why any of these theories would be true, and i see even less reason to alter reality in order to make one of them true. I don’t find anything relateable at all here, cant think of a reason to choose one over the other two, whats the meaning of it all.

Is there an absolute truth waiting at the end? is there anything scientific to do, or is it all a big sham?
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edited by Nanako on 9/13/2017

It’s something Failbetter seems to do a lot in quests - asking the player what happened or why after the gameplay and grinding have been completed. Very odd sort of role-playing.

I’m poking around with the expeditions a bit. My experience so far, is that the extra rewards are remarkably wasteful of time and money.

I’m doing the perilous (hardest) expedition. And the &quotend early and get a reward&quot is an otherwordly artefact twice so far. Which is worth 100g. i also once found 3x vision of heaven, total value 150g

but it costs 120g worth of materials, in supplies, fuel and ammo, in order to undertake an expedition. Not to mention supplies and fuel incurred in actually getting to traitor’s wood, and your time spent there. This definitely doesn’t seem to be worth it in any financial sense so far. And i know from past experience there’s no direct reward for bringing back one piece of evidence.

I’m gonna try to do the full campaign for Charlemagne and see what comes up
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