Training at high levels

Once you get some stats it suddenly gets a lot harder to train.
I’m currently at Watchful/Dangerous/Persuasive 170 with casual clothing, and wondered for where to easily find 90% challenges?
With the Broad calculator I can calculate that the challenge level needed will be in the 122-125 region. I would prefer if I didn’t have to go overzee for training, as I’ve got knives to steal in London. Any suggestions?

I do use the training cards (Contacts except Hell and expensive ones like Society; Lilac; Basalt Gymnasium)
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If you want to stay around London, you will want to make sure you have some stat-reducing gear as well.

Here’s my go-to places for stat grinding and the range I’m trying to keep my stats while I’m there:

  • Shadowy: Iron Box (Shadowy 179-181)
  • Dangerous: Velocipede Squad (Dangerous 168-170)
  • Persuasive: Pygmalion (Persuasive 153-155, after the opening few storylets) or Foreign Office (Persuasive 167-169)
  • Watchful: University Investigations (Watchful 146-148)

If you’ve already closed off the University Investigation storyline, you’re probably going to end up having to head to zee for Watchful. Hunter’s Keep is really the best Persuasive/Watchful-increasing area for stats at this level in any event.

And, of course, make sure you’re playing the Shadowy/Persuasive/Watchful stat bump living stories, though the timer appears to be in the once a month or so range for the Persuasive/Watchful ones.

I’ve capped shadowy ages ago whilst grinding for venom-rubies. I’ve locked the Velocipede Squad as well as the University storyline.

It’s hard to find appropriate challenges at all levels. I find that a ridiculous hat, a talkative rat, some bottled oblivion, and relatively inappropriate boots and coat go a long way toward making it easier to find 90% challenges.

Why are you aiming for the stat cap? Has any content been released intended for 130+ stats, or are you just preparing for the future?

Anyway, the only thing I can suggest that Tesuji didn’t mention is Flute Street for Watchful since it is at least a little easier to get to than anything over-zee, but the rewards there aren’t very good compared to Hunter’s Keep and it still eats up a full 10 to get to the area. Probably not the best alternative.

Sounds like overzee is the place to look, then. There’s no reason in particular I want to up my stats, moreover to increase my odds at straightforward challenges.

Maybe Avoid Becoming an Exhibit in the Third Coil of the Labyrinth for Dangerous/Persuasive. They are straightforward (just over the 90%) in the 150’s so might fit the requirement.

Watchful is more tricky as Flute Street is the main watchful area but it is not exactly in London and you cannot play K&C there.

What about Unfinished Business - can you get your stats in the right area to make those 90% challenges?

OK, I can understand improvement for improvement’s sake. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed a new content announcement.

Just so it’s said: Dangerous isn’t quite as important as the other two as I could get that when wtts reaches 15… And I might need a zee travel either way (If I get a seal on the way I can boost dangerous with breeding)
Also, I can get dangerous on Hunter’s Keep as well, Yay!
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Here I am grinding for money to Overgoat myself, and about half way there. In the 165+ range on everything, and doing the Master Class in the Mahogany Hall, as well as some stuff in Flitt. Mostly I’m spriffing souls in Sprite, and will be traveling to the Coils to up the dangerous while filling my pockets.

There really is no point in the end game to rush your stat progression. No matter what level, 50 attempts at a straightforward will always upgrade your skill and that also means 50 or more echoes by that time. Does it sound painstaking? Perhaps, but it is the most efficient… and I really have nothing else to do.

Don’t have to think about it, travel or strain myself, the same thing over and over. And I am fine with that.
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My stats are still painfully uneven. My Shadowy is only 107 unmodified. The wars of illusion didn’t get me as far as I expected

What’s a good place to grind Shadowy at 114 unmodified (139 modified)?

If you just want to raise Shadowy The Alleys of Spite - Intercept another Courier and exchange starts a Living Story. Several days later you will get a message - pick the third option for a large Shadowy boost.


Mahogany Hall.

Stealing props and goods from other theatres (under ‘Variety is the spice of life’) is a Shadowy DL 102 check which raises &quotPlagued by a Popular Song&quot on failure rather than Suspicion. The former is easier to deal with (buy weasels; don’t get attached to them). This also builds your Tales quality, which is useful for continuing the Iron Box storyline as well as for completing what we have of the Glass/Shroud storyline (and might also be useful to Seekers).

You will want to adjust your gear as your Shadowy increases, to keep it below 143 (you want low-risk, not straightforward).

Thanks, Tesuji. I’m caught up on the War of Illusion and the Iron Box - in fact, the reason I want to grind Shadowy is to reliably get Boxfuls of Intrigue!

I have lost many a weasel already. As well as issues with bursting, my damn plant keeps eating them (one by one, not nine by nine as I’d prefer). Ah well, time to steal some props.

Why is 90% important? I’m not sure how stat grinding works since the remake.

At 90%, you get 2 change points on a success and 1 on a failure. At 91%, you get 1 change point either way. So that 1% is the difference between getting 1.9 change points per action on average and getting only one.

At 61-90%, you earn 1 CP to the quality being checked, plus 1 bonus CP if you succeed on the check.

At 91%+, you don’t earn that bonus CP. That means that going from 90% to 91% drops your average gain from 1.9 CPs per action to 1.0.

Chancy and very chancy checks (41-60%) will yield +2 bonus CPs on success instead of 1. For most characters, however, the lower chance of success means they won’t come out ahead after dealing with the increased menace incurred. If you’re particularly efficient at reducing menace, however, there’s a window of Chancy checks that will give you a slightly better return than a 90% check.

The sub-40% checks are the best for stat-grinding purposes (you get 2 base CPs at 31-40%, 3 at 11-30% and 4 at 1-10%, assuming that hasn’t been changed) but under the Broad system, you’re unlikely to have checks like this available that often after the early levels.

Hence, for most people, the best answer is going to be: Find the most rewarding storylet with a ~90% chance for success, and get as close to 90% as you can without going over.