Trade Routes

I’m brand new to the game (steam). After dying a few times due to senseless zailing, I’ve decided to grind a known trade route. I’ve read some information on trade routes, but the info I’ve gotten seems outdated as it wasn’t accurate (recommended buying items at Venderbight to sell at FL, but there’s no option to buy anything other than supplies or fuel). The only sure-fire way of earning money I’ve found myself is taking the immigrants to Venderbight. I get 45 echoes for them, 10 echoes for &quotrecent news,&quot and another 10 echoes for the Venderbight report when I get back to FL. It takes ~ 3-4 barrels of fuel round-trip, so that’s a 30-40 echo expense. Does anyone have any other solid routes or methods?
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Trade routes were changed in a very recent update, and will likely change again soon, so it’s difficult to say definitively for now! There is a small profit to be made buying wine in London and selling it at Venderbight, or, in the early stages of the game, Godfall to the south-east - but, as you rightly observe, there’s nothing to bring back from those places except for port reports for the Admiralty.

My favorite is wine to Godfall, swing around to Pigmote (don’t steal the star), kill sharks, then Khan’s heart, then Gaider’s mourn (kill corsairs), Port Cecil (Kill Sharks), Mt. Palmerston (fill up on cheap fuel), Port Cecil again, Iron and Misery co, Hunters Keep or Venderbright if the keep is dead, then FL.

you need to start out with ~13 Fuel and 105 Echoes for crate of 5 wines you go to Godfall with. Refuel at Palmerston, the echoes are worth it in the long run.
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Hmm. I stole the damn thing, basically because I can’t abide humanised rodents. :D Was that a mistake, are there some other worthwhile activities at Pigmote?
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Well, if you don’t steal the star, you get 1 free fuel every time you go there, and a port report.

There aren’t really trade routes at the moment, none worth the effort/fuel. Unfortunately the Venderbight honey/silk run was nerfed recently. If you do find a reliable way to make some echoes that doesn’t cost more in ship repairs/terror then please post it! I’d love to know. Currently still struggling to break even, getting very discouraged.

I think I mucked up Pigmote - I have nothing there anymore, but I did get a nice mascot out of it. But I just gave the rats the supplies they needed to sort out their own problem.

I really enjoyed the Pigmote story (plus, helping the rats in the fight gave me a good pile of loot to kick my early game off, until I found out about that I was really struggling) but I wish the result meant there was a shop there, or a story option, or something. It’s kind of boring once you’ve done the initial story. I want to hear more about the ratty community! :D

Yes, I agree. It would be wonderful for there to be more content on Pigmote. Also, if you just give supplies, you get nothing.

I had huge difficulties earning money in this game but this is over now. (still the grind is somehow frustrating and long process) The key is to pick up pearls(?) from port cecile.
My route is-> London coffins to Vansomething (north) than i get report from iron and misery (east), travel further east to port cecile pick up &quotpearls&quot (i belive you need to have high mirrors to do it) after that I travel north to mount Palmerstone to buy fuel at best price, go back south to port Cecile harvest more &quotpearls&quot and than back to London. If lucky you get 4 &quotpearls&quot (or is it coral) each trip, you sell them for 70 each in London, that and reports from all the places you visit along the journey should provide some income. My biggest problem on this route is terror but it’s the only route i know that gives me some profit.

PS. I need to find chapel of light some help would be welcome.
PS 2 As you can probably see English is not my first language so please be understanding and forgiving ;)
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I think the only slightly good route in wine to Godfall in this moment. But it’s only one way, so not a real trade route.

Of course everything will change when the map will become random for every new game!

[quote=kmicic]My route is-> London coffins to Vansomething (north) than i get report from iron and misery (east), travel further east to port cecile pick up &quotpearls&quot (i belive you need to have high mirrors to do it)

I don’t think you do, actually. Having higher Mirrors does provide for a higher success rate, but the reward mechanic is quite odd here. It seems to be some Terror and 1-2 Scintillack either way, no matter how you roll the Mirrors check. Could be wrong on this one.

Search west of Mount Palmerston, the Chapel is halfway between Palmerston and Whither.

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Wine to Godfall is only viable early game, once your “Time The Healer” quality rises it’s no longer profitable (I wish I’d known about it before mine got too high!) Pretty sure it then becomes a slight loss.

Definitely better off selling wine at Venderbight or Gaider’s Mourn when you are past it being profitable at Godfall.

Yeah, the only working trade route right now is wine to Godfall and it only works well in the early game. If you really want to get “clever”, alt-f4 until you get missions to Polythreme or the Cumaen Canal, load with 10 fuel and 5 supplies and the rest wine, make the run stopping at Godfall en route, head back to london, repeat. As long as your Time the Healer is under 200 you can make several hundred per trip, and that’s not even counting incidental bonuses like Judgment Eggs from mutton island etc.

especially effective trade routes tend to get nerfed because ‘grinding is fun!’

Let’s see, what can you buy and sell as of today (July 3 2014) and make a profit:

  • Buy honey in London (25), sell in Gaider’s (26)

  • Buy wine in London (21), sell in Venderbight (23) or Gaider’s (23)

  • Buy dice in Mt Palmerston (19), sell in London (20)

Not a lot of options yet, so let’s look at the London-Venderbight wine route. It costs at least 2-3 fuel and 2 supplies-ish to go from London to Venderbight and back hugging the coast, so you need to make 40-50 echos to break even. Just ferrying the tomb colonists, recent news, and report gets you 65 echos. With the starting ship’s hold you can fit at least 30 wines with 5 fuel and 5 supplies, giving you a 60 echo profit on the wines. Plus the other stuff, that’s about 80 echos profit per trip. If you do this about 90 times (!!!) you can afford to trade up to the merchant cruiser, so you can move about 3x the wines, but the higher weight and crew also mean more fuel and supplies consumption…

Summary: Don’t do this!

Also in the current build you can not hire more than 10 sailors. So when you do get a cargo ship it will move at half speed. Buying ships is not recommended at all, even if you have the money)

You can get more than 10 Sailors but, unfortunately, it sometimes takes a bit of time for the game to recognise that you have more space for them.

Quitting out of the game entirely and restarting (save first!)seems the best way to make it realize what’s going on.