Trade Route

You know that the very first basic to gain some Echoes is trade, right? And in order to start gaining some early in the game, you get as many tomb colonist, news and firkin as possible to sell them to Venderbright.

Once there, you buy either Bolt of Spider Silk and Scintillack to sell back to Fallen London. Unfortunately, you are limited by echoes and hold space. Therefore, as a sign of my dedication, efficiency and a complete waste of my time (technically, my office time) I present to you:

A overly complicated and long xlsx files for maximum efficiency

And its summary

It is separated by ship type, and the main feature of the file is the part that is under &quotLIMIT&quot, it shows total echoes spent for each line. For example, you use a steamer, and you have about 2649 echoes, and if you want to maximize your profit, you should buy 27 S (Scintillack) and 3 BSS (Bolt of Spider Silk)

Also, I minus 10 to hold space for each ship cause I assume that you need 5 fuel and 5 supplies for each trip. Any leftover spaces will be yours to decide. That and I am lazy for all that complicated calculation.

Yes, I know. Instead of doing this, I should have priorities playing the game, especially when you start a new game. And it is completely useless when you know what to do already or that you already decided on a more efficient route. And it didn’t take into account various factors as well, especially when you buy your supplies and fuel in FL.

Let me know what you think, and if you have a better one, post it here.

Another route of interest that I’ve seen is Surface Supplies to Abbey Rock. Supplies on the surface cost only five echoes each (and you can get ten and a lump of coal in exchange for some recent news). They sell at Abbey Rock for eleven echoes each.

I haven’t reckoned this for its full profit potential. Getting to and from the surface costs twenty fuel. That hurts its profit potential quite badly. Still, if one is visiting the surface anyways, hauling back some supplies to Abbey Rock may be worthwhile.

I tend to make each trip either pure trading - and so far that’s just the Venderbight loop; other ports are just not as well developed - or pure exploration and port report gathering, in which case my hold is full of supplies and fuel. I generally pick up a dozen or so bits and pieces from sea monsters or events as part of the intelligence loop, though, and my sense it that it’s likely more profitable per trip but not per gameplay-minute.

On the other hand, money pretty quickly becomes irrelevant; a recent trip gathered >3000 echoes between prize money for captures, treasures garnered, and intelligence fees, and at that rate it’s really not many trips before everything is functionally maxed out.