Tracklayers City (City in Silver?)

Both my main and alt characters have long ago completed the railroad and both created a tracklayers city although I cannot remember where either character put this city. Neither character has visited this city yet.

Is there a good reason to visit the tracklayer city? Before you answer, please understand that I have zero interest in role-playing and close to zero interest in FL lore. Most of the time, I do not even read the text from actions and new places except to see if there is any clue to a mechanical action or reward. I play almost solely for the mechanical benefits.

So with that in mind, does the tracklayers city provide any unique and good rewards, any mechanical rewards that are easier to acquire than in other places? Thanks for your help.

I’m just trying to understand the appeal of what’s (if I’m understanding you right) essentially speed running a choose your own adventure novel…

I mean, there’s nothing stopping you but… strictly speaking the fastest way to get through a story you’re actively ignoring is to just set it down. lol


Different strokes for different folks. I am not into role-playing and find the writing to be obtuse and often non-sensical. As an example, I recently had both characters go to Irem for the first time each to complete Evolution and to get an upgraded destiny. I did not understand much if any of the long paragraphs of text while warping, weaving, and looming my way around Irem. I am probably missing some point but they paragraphs just did not make any sense to me.

I like to collect “stuff”, make my characters stronger, and both are saving for a Hellworm although I really do not know much about these worms… but that is a different question.

So what do you think about the tracklayers city? Any good loot to acquire there?

You’re asking the wrong person. Especially when it comes to CiS. lol

I only play for roleplaying/story’s sake, and consider every mechanical benefit/item an “I’ll get to it when I get to it” goalpost, because I don’t actually plan to stop playing.

And my interest in CiS extends exactly as far as maxing out Infiltrator 2 (possibly 3 if I make another alt) different ways in protest of the writing of CiS… because I consider it the single worst-written piece of content in the entire game. Hands down.

For once I actually agree with Thoon, but if you’re truly dedicated to pure mechanical benefits, then the CIS certainly isn’t a bad place to visit. Once you build up Hinterland Efficiency, which doesn’t take very long, then every action gives you an EPA of at least 5 with some opportunities for a 5.2 EPA. So it’s one of the best grinds in the game for effort to profit, as well as being a very good grind in its own right.


John_Schmit, Thanks for the info. I currently just grind using “The business of a ???” ad nauseum at ~4 EPA. I would be quite interested in a relatively simple grind that yielded 5 EPA. I tried using the bone market stuff but really dislike it and make so many mistakes that I stopped doing that even though my main and alt each have over 100 custom engraved skulls. Do you know the name of the Tracklayers City grind or how it is referred to in the FL wiki? Is it fairly simple? I really like the simplicity of the “Business of a ???” for example.

It’s a very simple grind—the location is primarily card based so there’s a little randomness about cashing out but the profits are fairly consistent. The “economy” section on the wiki guide for the city has more exact info: The City of the Tracklayers (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki

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Thanks, annalibertas. I will look at the material for which you provided the link.

I think that CiS combined with hellworm riding is one of the best grinds currently available.

  1. Flip cards (for worm milking) in whatever station CiS connected to (my choice is Balmoral, maybe there is better one).
  2. All excess actions sink in CiS. 5-5.5 EpA options to generate local currency, then convert it into ballads, convert ballads into money in rat market.