Tracking the Animals of Parabola

There are a few animals that don’t come up in my choices for what to track. Are there ways to unlock the others, or is it dependent on career/destiny/ambition/something else?

If you list what you’re missing, we might be able to tell. Those might range from whitsun companion-dependent options to Dangerous gains locked ones.

Personally, I am not aware of any being locked by career or destiny, but the Bag a Legend players have quite a few Ambition-specific one-time options.

The storm-bird requires you to have seen it at least once (get to 8 nightmares in parabola), the bear and the shark are part of the dangerous gains and have to be unlocked after your base dangerous is 200 (for the first of the two). Two others are from Whitsun as pointed out by Reginald.
edited by Kaunisenkeli on 12/13/2020

I cannot hunt the bear at the moment, the storylet is there but unavailable because I don’t have enough dream-trophies yet. The option itself was unlocked with a card at one of the railway stations, I think. And I am led to believe that hunting the bear is what unlocks the shark.

As mentioned, there are also two Whitsun pets that can be hunted. I have one but not the other. I’ll have to snap up one of those next year if still available.
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Okay, I’m missing the Dangerous gains and the Bag a Legend ones. My base dangerous is 200 already, so I don’t know how to unlock the stat gains. I haven’t been able to unlock the railroad yet, so that might be it.

Gains starts wit the bear, and you must first draw the card in Ealing station to track it.
BaL ones are unlocked only after a specific point in ambition, you won’t miss them anyway.