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Is one’s success in this cryptobotanical competition based on one’s own qualities? Or is it left up to the prowess of the plant? I ask because I cannot find a way to advance past level 19 in the plant’s quality, and if that is the case for everyone, then the result should be truly random (as I assume most people start the competition at level 19).
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Just the plants’, I think. &quotAll challenges are decided on the Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant quality.&quot But I wouldn’t assume everyone gets it up to the highest level before competing.

Assume it. Considering the amount of luck needed to actually win the tournament, the very least you can do is to max out the quality before you even try, and the same goes for every other player.

&quotThe very least you can do?&quot Dear Sir, you can always do less. Never underestimate the capacity of people to do little when they ought to do much.

The point is taken, however. It certainly pays to assume the worst.

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edited by Professor Nym on 4/1/2014

Actually, I only have my Attending to the Needs quality around 15, and started entering Myrtle in the tourney when it was lower than that. I’d rather get whatever rewards now, rather than after some months tending the plant.

Oh, is THAT why my plant gets trounced? I thought that there’s at least a bit of luck roll involved in that, like the sparring bouts and chess matches

[quote=Lumyire]I thought that there’s at least a bit of luck roll involved in that, like the sparring bouts and chess matches[/quote]I assume that there is some luck involved, much like sparring bouts and chess matches, but I don’t know how much. The point would be that no other qualities than Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant affects the outcome.

Agree that there is luck involved - my plant got challenged at level 10 or 11 and won. I presume my challenger at least got their plant to 15/16 before launching their attack.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a great number of players who don’t read the forum or the wiki simply starts challenging others as soon as they can, which would be at level 10. It’s only when one knows how the tournament works that it might become obvious how much better it would be to just sit around and secretly attend to the needs of one’s plant until it is strong enough to defeat those plants that made it to the top.

When one’s plant is strong, one would want it to appear weak, to lure in unsuspecting challengers. And when one’s plant is weak, one would want it to appear strong, to discourage attacks. Well, one could always refuse to accept challenges, but surely that is simply not done?

Though I wonder if either the challenger or the challenged get a slightly better chance of success? Who knows, when all the cryptobotanists are so very secretive? ;)

[color=#C2B280]You’re also neglecting the fact that it costs much less to increase your Plant quality when it’s greater than 11 or, particularly, 15. Since losing a duel reduces the quality, this can make the additional expenditure rational, even before taking into account competitive advantage and deck optimisation.[/color]
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Jem Mace is at level 6 of the tournament, and has nobody to challenge. One the way he encountered maybe a dozen active players at all levels.

My characters are all competing at level 10 or 11 and are succeeding about half the time. It seems that anyone waiting to achieve level 19 as advised is still waiting.