TotalBiscuit's Arbitrary Video Game Awards - 2015

In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d share:

TotalBiscuit has released his highly subjective (yet entertaining) Arbitrary Video Game Awards for 2015:

Sunless Sea was a finalist (though didn’t eventually win) in two categories:

  • &quotBest thing to come out of crowdfunding&quot (category starts at 16:38; Sunless Sea presentation starts at 25:20)[/li][li]&quotThe &quotIt’s Finally Done&quot Award for the best game to come out of Early Access&quot (category starts at 01:51:53)

edited by dov on 12/24/2015

And now Sunless See is listed at #9 in his list of &quotTop 10 Games of 2015&quot:

Only #9? It deserves higher.

Considering the many hundreds of games he reviews per year, it’s not trivial for any game to make it to his top 10.
Simply being on this list brings significant exposure.