I have a ‘gun’ capable of sending torpedoes, plus I have torpedo parts in my hold. How do I use them, what do they do?

[li]Since the Steel update, I’m afraid I haven’t tested the Torpedoes. Prior to Steel, Torpedoes were expendable ammunition (you bought a certain number and that’s all you could fire, but they did more damage to ships, in theory). The problem back then was that Flensing weapons – which damaged both hull and crew – were the most powerful weapons because they were more powerful against both monsters and ships (monsters because they do more damage to living things, ships because no ship had a large enough crew to withstand many flensing attacks). Therefore, the torpedoes needed rebalancing, and most veteran players have been going without Torpedo components for weeks or even months now.
[li]The best advice I can give would be to check your expendables bar – the place where the strange catch, unclear device, etc – are selectable. But make sure you purchase torpedo components in London first! You can only fire torpedoes if you have them.
[li]Try them out and let us know if it works! I’d love to know if they’ve been rebalanced.

There is nothing in the ability bar for torpedoes, that’s the problem.

Having just tested it out, it appears that torpedoes are not fully implemented yet! A torpedo-gun doesn’t seem to do any more damage to ships than a regular cannon, and firing it doesn’t use up torpedo components.