Top Banner Art - Destines


Has anyone saved screen grabs of the top banner art used for each of the destinies? I just changed my destiny at the FotZ festival, and the art for “Down Among the Lorn Flukes” was superb! I’d love to see the same banner/location art for the others.


It’s been a few years, so I can’t confirm the relation, but I have an image saved along with some text about a Gloomy future where there is Too Much Freedom:

Simplistic, but lovely.

Not sure if it’s kosher to link directly to FL image assets (if it’s not, I’ll amend the URLs).

Here is… (updated)
A silvered future | old site banner
A chilly future | old site banner
An obscure future | old site banner (matches what elderfleur shared)
An abyssal future | old site banner
A jewelled future | old site banner (thanks Optimatum for finding it)
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So cool…just superb. Now I’ve seen them all, but would be great to post the Lorn Flukes version here as well, and a Jewelled future.

Thanks so much.


I did a bit of URL-mining and have updated my post above with what I think is the abyssal future banner. Also updated with banners from the old site – they have interesting, subtle differences! I don’t have a jewelled future - but if someone can give me the name of the location you go to when you pick that Destiny, I may be able to mine the banner URL from the location name.

(NB: Again, if it’s not appropriate to link directly to FL website, I’ll screengrab and post the art elsewhere.)

Awesome gallery. Thank you!

Here’s the jewelled future:

A jewelled future | old site banner
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Opti, try another edit with lower case ‘c’; carneliancoast.

Vega - that’s the abyssal future, thanks for adding. In that moment I had felt so unbelievably small in an undersea world so vast! That’s one of the many things i love about this game…how atmospheric everything is.

I appreciate you adding the old versions as well. I had meant to include that request in my original post and forgot. But I have been meaning to do the same with old vs. new on all non-Fate areas in the game, not just the destinies. Would be nice to see how the are art has evolved.

Thank you so much for your help in pulling these in here!

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These pieces are pretty amazing, thank you all for finding & posting them.

I hope FBG finds some way to make them a little more accessible, because it’s a shame that most players won’t see more than one or two of these pieces of artwork. One of my favorite pieces of art in Fallen London is the banner for the Castles in the Sky, and I was a little sad players with a different Ambition wouldn’t get a chance to see them… but then the same banner was also used for an Exceptional Story! Which is still rather exclusive, but a least not mutually-exclusive with other content.

Something’s up with the forums, apparently. I made that edit right after I posted but apparently it got undone somehow.

Optimatum - thanks for the Jewelled addition.

I love FL’s location art, and these Destiny banners are so great! I appreciate being able to see all of them. I’ve already played three different futures, and am looking forward to experiencing the other two categories at some point.


I’ve actually made this a personal project - I’m saving to my hard-drive every location banner I encounter, both the new and old ones. The evolution of the banners has been very interesting to compare. Anyone is welcome to contact me privately if you want a list of what I’ve collected; but if there’s enough interest overall I can make a new forum thread.

@vega Would love to see a thread of Failbetter banner art, they’re so good at atmospheric pieces

There’s copies of all the old banner art on the wiki, but as far as I know the new art isn’t there yet.