Too Many Waves Have Been Made

So, after a painstaking amount of time and effort, making sure only the very finest of Neath society filled every corner of my salon, I enjoyed an event with a particular guest of honor above any and all reproach. I now find myself the center of more attention than I know what to do with. To be sure, I’ve made enough waves to buy two points of Notability at least, very possibly three, had I accumulated these waves over time. But of course if call on the Amanuensis for a more favorable entry, I’ll gain only the one point and lose a truly appalling amount of Making Waves. Any suggestions? Are there other things to be done with Making Waves currently?[li]
edited by flinkus on 1/17/2014

I had the same problem when I entertained the captivating princess… she was just too captivating! :D Unfortunately, no, I don’t think there is another use for making waves. It’s a bit of a flaw in the system, I think - it’s a shame the amanuensis doesn’t just take the making waves needed and leave you with the rest, if you have an excess.

Why not make some Nights on the Town?

Sara is correct: that’s about the most useful thing you can do with an excess of Waves, to my knowledge.

And with Nights on the Town you can use them toward courting your companion, or spend them on the Tower of Sparrows card, and make even more Waves. Rinse and repeat.