Tomb Colonists Tour - bug or me?

I’ve taken the Tomb Colonists to the places they wanted to go and there is a little note in my journal saying the tour is complete - what is their problem. When I take them home nothing new happens and on a previous life I took them back to Vendebright and sold them but this made the tour officer a bit annoyed.

Is there a bug or should I just sell them in the shop again?

I think you need at least 11. How many do you have?

You can take them back with any number, as long as you’ve completed the tour with all points visited (sometimes it says the tour is completed, but you’ve only visited two places and you need to check where the last point is), you can sell tomb colonists normally there, but it’s nowhere near what you get for giving them back to the tour operator.

Thanks, I have 10 of them. I can see them in my hold and it says they will pay their passage to the tomb colonies, sell them there.
In the journal it says their tour is complete so what is their problem. Is it just because I am missing one?

Wiki says the Tour Operator pays you if you bring at least two back, on a per-person basis (which is less than what you’d get if you’d returned with the full dozen). Maybe send this in to the support email with screenshots and your savefile attached?

Thanks, I’m not sure how to send a save file, or even how to save the game without losing the thing I have for having it on auto save.
How can I find out if I’ve visited all the points?

Well if you can’t find anything in your journal maybe just try visiting the ports that they normally ask you to visit - Irem, Polythreme or the Chelonate have been the last stops when I have done the tour. You could also try Khan’s Heart and Glory; the Shepherd Isles; Gaider’s Mourn … I don’t remember if they have ever asked to go anywhere else.

As for the save file they will ask for the auto-save file if you bug report so you won’t need to lose the token. When I bug reported I was walked through how to send the file (I’m a bit computer illiterate and didn’t know how to find and send the file).

I’ve taken them to Gaiders Mourn and Polytheme as asked, then Irem after a bit of googling. I’ve taken them everywhere else on your list but nothing doing. I think I might just ditch them back at Venderbright because they are taking up cargo space.

I believe you’ve struck a bug - it shouldn’t be telling you the tour is complete until you’ve returned to Venderbight and all the Tomb-Colonists have left your ship. Report it to and they’ll be able to talk you through submitting your save file!

thanks, I’ve just tested it again and we went to Shepherds Wash and Polythreme, now it says the tour is complete. I’ll limp the ship back to Vendebright to see what happens.