To Overgoat, or not to Overgoat?

Ubergoat and Overgoat were both worth it for me. It is very satisfying to actually use the locked options on the fairly common goat card (that’s the only non-important action I use second changes for, and it has a pretty good payout).

I do definitely recommend going all the way and getting an Ubergoat if you get an Overgoat. Acing the 3-expedition supply options is pretty awesome.

And it’s not as impossible as one might think! (Stuff like Seeking, or Cider… now that’s another story.) I found, and others apparently have to, anecdotally, that getting an Overgoat and playing the 8-action option regularly, makes it a lot easier to get an Ubergoat in normal course of play than it was to get the first Overgoat.

I am probably missing something blindingly obvious here but how exactly does my goat help with expeditions or dock’s favours?

Nothing to do with gaining Dock’s favours but that is supposed to be the most cost effective way of getting the supplies.

As for the goat - the higher your watchful the easier expeditions become. It takes all the best watchful stat boosting gear, including the Ubergoat, to make the 3 Supply option 100%.

Edit - that is when you are at 200 base watchful as well. You need 264 total or thereabout I think.
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I see. Thank you. I really should’ve thought of that.

[quote=absimiliard]It really is all about the AND.[/quote]In that case you must have the goat AND use it to reacquire as many secrets you like.

“Oh, but Nigel, that is still an OR, can you not see it? Let me try again, to more detail my, example.”

“You wait upon me at Mr. Chimes. I come to you in one the locked rooms in my gown, scarlet stockings on my feet. In one hand I bear that bottle of absinthe, in the other wine. I offer you both, but you sell the bottle of wine in promise of another so that you may drink the absinthe with me first, we then consume the new bottle of wine later.”

“But that is still OR. We have not tasted the first bottle together with the absinthe, we have instead chosen one and then the other, no true AND at all.”

“I find that pleasure delayed is pleasure still, and often increases to greater heights. Do not ask me to choose this OR simply because it is quicker. Allow me to build my anticipation and my pleasure in the knowledge that my delay will produce the AND I most strongly desire – let my desire flower, rather than rushing things far too fast and coming . . . to a less satisfying ending.”

Absimiliard grins wickedly at you.

“Did that help explain things better – appealing to the pleasure-seeker in you?”

Secrets, friend, are currency. And what is currency for, if not to be spent? Secrets carry little use if you’re unwilling to spend them. Some spend them on a nice hat, or a fine dress. Others prefer to invest their secrets, on blackmail and extortion, hoping to gain more currency in return. I think an Overgoat would be a magnificent investment. Don’t you?

For a human your point is most excellent indeed BillyBones. And from that human viewpoint an Overgoat is indeed an excellent investment.

But for a cat secrets are … . something different.

I have a counter offer:


This is way too late, but the suspense is killing me. I mean, the story spark is really strong.

“See that fellow over there? She had all the secrets the bazar wanted, but she never sold em. I’m sure in those secret there lies what do you think when you’re relieving yourself in the restroom.
After years of accruing them, she finally relented. Do you know what was traded for all the secrets this godforsaken place has? No, not money, nor political power. No, it wasn’t for love either. No, not the name. It was for a goat. Yes, you heard that right.”