To Endgame Players: Bats and Cats in the Flit?

Appears like this storylet is no more in the Flit anymore, or I am suddenly obvious…
There was an option of interest to me.

It’s only available between 6-8 Wars of Illusion. Are you outside of that range?

This is very unfortunate. It used to be accessible to anyone with at least 6 in the Wars of Illusions (i.e. it didn’t lock after advancing).

This was the best way to quickly raise Unaccountably Peckish. Now I guess we’ll need to pass lots of starveling cats around to get the same effect…

NOOOOO, I’ll never get my Making Use of Bats to 50!

Well, I suppose 36 is a decent number… grumblegrumblegrumble

Yes, I am. But it was not as of week ago, and with Starveling Cat there was an perfect option to raise Unaccountably Peckish.

Yeah, it must have been a recent change. I was just reporting the situation as it is now.

What’s the best UP option now, then?

If you don’t want menace you can pass cats back and forth, and if you don’t mind menace then you can do that until you hit UP and go to the Duchess’ Salon. There might be better options out there, though.

I have 25 Wars of Illusion and the Bats and Cats storylet is still available to me (and invaluable for raising Unaccountably Peckish when it’s that time of the week). Sounds like a bug to me if you don’t have it.

[color=#e53e00]Hello! It was closed because of a bug that could entirely break your Mahogany Hall. Because we love you, it’s been tweaked. (But if it breaks anything else, it may be tweaked again.)[/color]
edited by babelfishwars on 7/6/2016

And that’s why we love you back.