Tireless Mechanic or Maybe's Daughter?

Does the 100 power that Maybe’s daughter adds increase fuel consumption?

If not then this would be the equivalent of (100/[engine power])% fuel efficiency.

AFAIK, any increase to engine power increases fuel consumption.

[li]Honestly I feel like it will depend on their story options. I’ve been curious about Maybe’s Daughter since the game first launched, but her story line still doesn’t have any options yet.

I do really like Maybe’s Daughter, but I’ve upgraded my engine now and my fuel consumption’s ridiculous so I’ll likely be getting the Tireless Mechanic as soon as I see him. As fun as it is trying to convert your last food into fuel so you can coast into Wolfstack Docks on the fumes…

Of the two, I go with the Tireless Mechanic every time, even the small bonus given is worth it over any sort of distance run, that may change when Maybe’s daughter comes into her own, but for now it’s a mathematical solution over anything else. If you’d including the Magician in the mix however…