Tips for increasing society connections?

Hey guys! I am a pretty new player and I’m having a bit of trouble. I keep trying to increase my society connections (I currently have 1), but all the tips that the game gives you (go to Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival, the Empress’s Court, or the Shuttered Palace) I either don’t have access to or can’t do anything because my society connections are too low; for example, I have the Carnival and the Shuttered Palace unlocked, but all the options there require having at least x society connection to begin with. I also bought an entry in Slowcake’s Exceptionals, not realizing that I can’t actually do anything with it until I have at least 10 society connections.

So, are there any tips for how to increase this connection without doing any of the above? Any opportunity cards or storylets I should look out for? Thanks, any help would be really appreciated!

As a new player, your Society connection is, if not unimportant, not very important. It is only when you begin to approach PoSI that you need to start worrying about it. As a new player, you’re better off, IMO, burning any Society connection doing Suspicious Loitering, which will give you Shadowy Second Chances that you can use to build your Shadowy stat.

– Mal

Thank you for the advice! My shadowy quality is actually pretty decent at the moment, the main reason I am asking is because I’ve been neglecting the society connection for long enough that it’s lagging behind all my other ones and I need it for certain stories that I am trying to pursue, so I’d like to try to begin the process of building it up. I just don’t really know any good places to start!

The carnival is the place to start. It doesn’t require any amount of connection to open, it locks with certain amount of connection. Do you have carnival tickets? I, once, tried to figure out what is wrong for a day until I realized I am out of carnival tickets. The shuttered palace doesn’t require any connection to open as far as I remember. You will need to use a day at duchess’ salon storylet.
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I do have both of those unlocked, but the society-improving option at the Carnival Big Top requires &quotThe Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball,&quot which I don’t have, and attending the Duchess’s Salon requires &quotA Name Signed With a Flourish 4,&quot which is the same thing I need to get the &quotDarling of the Ambassador’s Ball&quot quality. I haven’t really been doing anything literary in this game and I was hoping there might be some other ways to get my foot in the door that don’t involve me having to pursue that. If there’s nothing else I can do I will try to pursue some of those storylines in Veilgarden, but I’ve managed to increase all my other connections just using opportunity cards and some basic renewable events. I was hoping people might know of any of those that can increase Society. If there aren’t any, I’ll just take the long route, but it would be nice not to have to make my name as a writer first, when I don’t really have any other need for that except to gain Society points.

Thanks again for the suggestions!
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There should be a storylet in the Veilgarden with a milliner, which allows you to grind silk and society. It’s &quotThe Seamstress’ Favour.&quot That’s particularly useful because there are just no sources of silk for low-level players.
&quotGetting in With the Servants&quot will also give Society, and I believe you can hit Slowcake’s as often as you like to get Society.
You will have to do a lot of &quotliterary&quot things to continue Making Your Name in the Persuasive stat, sorry.

– Mal
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If you have made a name using the short story, you can use
“Charm an influential social butterfly” to grind Society CP

Once your Persuasive is high enough options will open in Veilgarden allowing you become connected to Society.

You’ll also also start getting faction conflict cards (society vs. Tomb colonies) once you’ve Level 5 in each. Balance there against each other (don’t always pick the same side!) And you’ll be able to raise both factions reasonably.

Early game, this is quite lucrative. failing to rob a drunk rat gives 2.5 echoes, really quite good for low levels, especially if the connection cards themselves are worthwhile.

Later on, successes are worth more, but for now, either the card or the robbing a drunk rat returns decent rewards, and if you get the watch from the rat… well, that’s a large windfall. to be fair, though, i’ve only gotten 4 so far, and i’ve been playing for almost a year and disproportianately lucky at first.

Okay, great! I guess I’ll persevere in the literary storylines after all and focus on getting my persuasive skills up. Thanks for the help, everybody!
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