Tips for grinding for high level residence?

Salutations and hello again my delicious friends. I was wondering what are some of the best ways to grind for high level residences such as the Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem and the Brass Embassy Guest House for a mid to high rank player. Currently I already own all other residences available through the bazaar (including the Lengthy Lease to premises at the Bazaar) however I have hit a brick wall in regards to gaining the items required for the remaining two. Any and all tips are welcome!

Velocipede Squad for wine. But grinding wine is not a problem really. Exchanging it to Airag is.
Thefts in the Flit for secrets. But again the secrets themselves are not a problem, conversion rate to Enigma is.
You can get an occasional Enigma/Airag in Nadir.
Nothing you can do about Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell, beside flipping cards for scrap.

Honestly I would recommend you get one residence (the suite would be the easiest) and wait until new year for the other two.

Hello! Your best bets for getting the 50 antique mysteries for the Royal Beth are probably either grinding jade from unfinished business and converting up, or the ever-useful thefts of particular character (it’s worth taking the time to nab a gang of hoodlums, if you haven’t got one already). Alternatively you could try case of the fidgeting writer if you fancy a gamble.
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Actually wait. I am dumb and can’t read. You said you want to grind for Reservation, but then you said you have everything that is sold at the bazaar. And Reservation IS sold at the Bazaar. So I was confused.

If you want 4 card lodgings, Thefts of Particular Character are your best bet. They provide everything you need and it’s around a couple of weeks of leisurely grinding per lodging.

You can also side convert all your fifty pence items into Brilliant Souls/Mysteries of the Elder Continent/Visions of the Surface then convert up. (or not up, in the case of the souls)

Also antique mysteries can be gotten from trade secrets and some of the items can be gotten from professions. But I mean, that’s really slow.
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