Timeframe on Light Fingers update?

Is there any information on when Light Fingers will be getting its next update? If I remember correctly the original announcement of the Ambition updates was nearly a year ago, and all the other Ambitions have gotten their new content already. My main character is already content capped so it’d be nice to know when I’ll be getting something new to do.

There isn’t any specific timeframe, but I can’t imagine it being very far off. If I had to guess I would say sometime after the Shadowy tracker is implemented.

I feel your impatience, mate. I’m also out of content, and I also really want to go on with this story. But no precise timeframe.

My purely speculative guess would be: early 2016.

The first two updates were 2 months apart, but the third update took another 8 months due to SS being released and other content being updated on FL.

So using the shorter estimate, we could have possibly been expecting to get the final update in early September but that clearly hasn’t happened. FB has been working hard on the Making the Name content, Connections overhaul and preparing to launch the Mobile app (not to mentions a myriad other changes that have been happening and the Exceptional stories).

So my guess is that until the big monkeys are off the FB’s back we are unlikely to see an Ambition update (which has been explicitly mentioned as content they work on during downtime when things are less busy). As most new content overhaul seems to be linked to the mobile app launch I would expect things to calm down a bit once that’s done.

We are in early October but we still have at least one more Making the Name update and most Connections to get through. So I wouldn’t expect the app to launch before December. Then you have post-launch support plus holidays plus Sacksmas. Hence my guesstimate of early 2016.