Time, the Healer Quality

This quality gets higher and higher every time you come back to FL after a while or exploring the zee. Besides affecting Godfall trips, what else does the value affect? I’ve yet to see it affect anything else so far.

[li]i’m thinking that we really aren’t seeing much of the game at all, that even emerald is just a barest taste of the full concept yet to be.

although it might seem like the game is near completion from the progress map, there’s still plenty of content they estimate at 50% or less, and much of it relates to adventuring. so i don’t think we’re going to get a couple more islands and a mission or two, i think we’re looking at a doubling or tripling of the entire ‘world’. that come October, the &quotSunless Sea&quot you know and love today will look like a tiny pond next to the vastness it is destined to become.

in that vein, there are plenty of indications right now that there are ‘slots’ in the game for your character to suffer wounds and permanent injury. some suggest that time will be a factor in healing. then there’s the &quotsomething has changed in the 'neath&quot quality, which i imagine has to be tied to the game clock. my bet is that some storylines won’t activate until a certain date is reached, or that there might be other massive upheavals that are meant to throw the balance of play. for example, Hunter’s Keep, but now apply that sort of transition to places like … the Khanate. i mean, there is all that talk of civil war. stuff could get blown up. there might be stories that pull you into the fire for one side or the other. and what lies behind The Gate?

i think the game clock is going to be used to pace the introduction of these events, as it may be doing already in some o fthe lesser storylines.

I think, though I can’t be sure, that this indicates that Time has advanced. At the very least, it correlates, since they both show up when you come back to London with a SAY charge.

In Fallen London, Time, the Healer is a quality that resets every week. When it resets, it alters certain qualities on your character (such as reducing your Making Waves quality).