Time, the Healer Isn't Coming

It seems that Time, the Healer has decided to take a little vacation for me, cuz it has been well over a week now since I last claimed my rewards and it still hasn’t come. Anyone has any idea why? Thanks for the replies

Accessing Your account from the top-right section will tell you when TtH will visit you next. :slight_smile:

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This sometimes happens (but to groups of people rather than individuals) if FB has had a humongous number of new sign-ups that have to be accommodated, but it doesn’t tend to be more than a couple of days. This sounds different, so I’d drop support a line and check.

@skinnyman, where in the account page can I find that information? I don’t see it anywhere.

From that link, Profile →

Time, the Healer
Your next visit from Time, the Healer should occur on:

No, mine isn’t appearing, either. I have my Sunless Sea meta qualities, but doing CTRL+F doesn’t reveal the word “time” anywhere on the profile page, either.

I have it right between the “reset password” button and the metaqualities. You should probably contact support (don’t expect answer on a weekend).