Time the Healer delayed?

Time the Healer has not arrived in time this week. At first I thought it was a consequence of me having changing professions, but it did not arrive for my alt either. I would like to know if it is a general issue, maybe related to the Feast, before submitting a bug report. [li]

You are not the only one I expected time the healer earlier today. Someone also mentioned it on the managing social contacts topic.

Thanks for your quick response. I guess I will wait a bit a see what happens, before clogging their bug report log.[li]
edited by John Vazquez on 2/20/2014

[quote=circe]Someone also mentioned it on the managing social contacts topic.[/quote]Indeed. It was I! And a bug report has been sent. (Also regarding my lack of notification emails, which I believe to be a related issue.)

Time is not due for me today, but I have just checked my messages tab and realised that I am also not receiving notifications. I will hold off on the bug report for the time being as it sounds as though this might be a general issue…

I didn’t send a bug report, yet, as mine is only a few hours late.[li]
edited by circe on 2/20/2014

[color=#009900]Sorry, folks - we hit an issue. It’s now resolved, but it’ll probably be tomorrow before the server catches up with the backlog.[/color][li]