Tier 3 Profession Advantages

Have recently returned to FL to check out the new end game content. Was excited to learn that my old favorite profession Midnighter had some advantages with the content, but am a bit confused from reading the wiki as I have no context for how good all the specific advantages are. Do any of the tier 3 professions give unique bonuses in regards to the new content, or is it more a case of just speeding up certain bits?

The Midnighter speeds up certain activities at the GHR station in Balmoral.
I can’t speak to what the options do, but the most prolific of the tier 3 profession uses seems to be the Crooked Cross. They have options all over the place.
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Crooked Cross does have a bunch of options but not many of them are very impactful. It’s a bunch of miscellaneous little options here and there.

Silverers get a discount when entering Parabola and have a bit of an easier time travelling there (shortcuts that save actions)

Licentiates get some extra options at the bone market which can be quite profitable.

Correspondents get a bit of utility in the laboratory when starting an investigation (very minor, should be buffed imo).

Monster Hunters get some extra options when hunting beasts in Parabola.

Midnighters get some extra options in Balmoral and the Chess Board in Parabola

Anyone only marginally far enough along to access Parabola can gain entry more easily by becoming a Silverer. Licentiates can carry out assassinations for clients and have a special letter in the new correspondence section (as have Crooked Crosses).

[quote=NotaWalrus]Crooked Cross does have a bunch of options but not many of them are very impactful. It’s a bunch of miscellaneous little options here and there.[/quote]Honestly, worth it for the easy access to counter-creed alone.

Since the labs got nuked, I’m gonna say Correspondent is the weakest. I gave up Midnighter for that, and I’d say it’s weaker still.

Crooked Cross is surely the best for now. But I am Midnighter, because its only way for me to reach 10 Player of Chess.

Overall, if you have good enough BDR, there is no reason to keep the same profession all the time.

The Silverer’s benefits, while mostly limited to Parabola, are actually quite useful as well. The Parabolan Base Camp is central to quite a lot of the novel content in general and so the Silverer’s advantages make generating a lot of the needed resources just a little bit more efficient.

I have to say, after reading the various Crooked-Cross options, I am singularly disinclined to ever take this class up for RP reasons. Even the Licentiate, a bona-fide skeleton-grinding assassin/murderer, seems better suited for either of my characters.

I think that the Monster Hunter (and perhaps the Correspondent as well) would deserve a few more options to be “competitive” from this point of view. We’ll see what the Parabolan War brings; that seems like a place where a lot of class-specific options could be implemented…

I’m a monster hunter right now mostly for the +1 Monstrous Anatomy weapon. For the mammoth ranching grind that’s +1 is pretty key for me.

Hopefully in the parabolan war there’s opportunity to hunt some monsters!

Mammoth ranching…?

Pretty profitable performance producing many mammoth ribcages retrieved from frollicking Balmoral backwoods.
Inputs involve various vital intelligences, irregular counts of collateral research, random bones to fill up your skeletons.
You also get some amount of Moonlit, which copiously contributes into more profit from painting … paintings. I am not sure how that works, haven’t really done it.

The core of the grind is to get mammoth ribcages and St. Fiacre’s thighbones in Balmoral, while at the same time accumulating Moonlit and using it for paintings. I’m using the path posted at The Nice and Profitable Grindings of mp, georg - Google Docs ; I simulated it and I THINK for me it’s about 6 EPA, given my stats. If I haven’t done anything wrong in my sim.

Hard to math it out because it depends on not-100% challenges of many stats, both main stats (persuasive for painting with moonlight, shadowy for selling chimeras) and skills (red science for attaching St. John’s skulls, monstrous anatomy for attaching horned skulls and fossilized forelimbs, mithridacy for attaching st. fiacre’s thighbones and for declaring chimeras, player of chess for searching for mammoth ribcages.) For me I was pretty sure that 1 point of monstrous anatomy, bumping me from 9 to 10, and thus changing my chance of attaching horned skulls from 90 to 100 and fossilized forelimbs from 40 to 50, was pretty valuable.

Hm… sounds profitable and all, and I do have MA10 and other useful skills, but… also sounds like a big hassle. Rejiggering skill items in inventory is one of the parts I hate most in any grind.

Yep, Correspondent feels kinda undertuned. The only real advantage is right now, that you can save up 1 (with bad luck 2) extra actions at the start of a project without a skillcheck, but thats it.
Given the fact that its already a hard job to get SotC to 10, compared to the requirements for the other T3 professions, it feels a little underwelming.

Sure, +1 AotRS is great, since that stat is right now hard to get, but on the other hand, it gets very rarely used, and with the lab-nerf it has become even less important.

So I’m really looking forward to some correspondence buffs.

Btw, is the mammoth grind still worth it with MA7?

Yeah, based on the post you made, I think you and I are exact opposites in what we’re looking for - I explicitly went looking for a bone-market based grind because I was looking for the highest EPA grind (and hoping it was really complicated), because clicking the same thing makes me bored, whereas a grind that has just enough thought in it (some decisions about what to do next every few clicks) keeps my attention better! I definitely didn’t expect you to like that one (and I expect it’ll get nerfed sometime soon anyway)

Balmoral has a new, faster way to decode documents, and Midnighters get a small (likely 1cp) boost over others. The action is called Make a leap of code-breaking insight, and midnighters get 9cp of deciphering (so an 11+ document takes 14 actions to decipher instead of 20). Not much, but it’s there and brand new.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve added it to the wiki. As a crooked-cross I’m getting +7, so if you’re getting +9 that’s a pretty big difference.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve added it to the wiki. As a crooked-cross I’m getting +7, so if you’re getting +9 that’s a pretty big difference.[/quote]

Glad I could point out something new. Also, the midnighter value is definitely 9cp on a success, so that is a decent difference.