three questions about marriage

  1. First question: I’m married to another player but she went somewhere NORTH of London while I was away from the game. Is it possible to pursue a divorce on my own if she is unable to respond?

The reason why I want to do this, apart from no longer having the ability to interact with the romantic social actions, is that I’d like to check out the marriages with NPCs. Which leads me to the second question:
2. does marrying NPCs lead to some character-specific writing? Like some opportunity cards or during the wedding itself? That’s the main reason that I want to divorce, to check that out, I’m a collector of stories in this game more than roleplaying a character (which btw is more due to the grind-based free-to-play nature of the game rather than my default preference)
3. Is it possible to marry The Sardonic Music-Hall Singer? Some of the posts I found suggest it isn’t but they are old, and she was really upset during my wedding. In fact those heartbreaking storylets about her were some of my favourite pieces of writing in FL, me being a melancholy addict, which makes me super curious about maybe the happier outcome of things?
(well, at least ignoring the fact of losing one’s spouse to the unaccountable Northbound obsession)
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1 it is possible to pursue an unamiable divorce in your lodgings
2 it leads to about three (not may I say inexpensive) storylits and an opportunity card
3 sadly no not to my knowledge

The Devout Intriguer’s opportunity card has three options on how you spend the day with her. All of them are somewhere in my journal, I’m sure, but it’s impossible to search for anything. One of the options gives 5 echos worth of items, if you care about that at all.

with the model you can get a bohs favour for 5 romantic notions or get some cps of making waves

I was married to the Revolutionary Firebrand for a while (after being married to another player), and he regularly popped up with a card. can’t recall what the options on it were, though.

The card popped up, so I can show you the echo for spending the day at the museum with the Devout Intriguer: Fallen London

Thanks for answers. I’m more interested in story/flavour than gameplay rewards.