Thoughts on "The Soldier's Heartbreaking Tale"?

I’ve been stuck on the last card for that storyline for well over a year (or however long it’s been since the House of Chimes first became available), and I would like to finally finish it. None of the choices available to me are particularly in-character for my character, so I end up discarding the opportunity card every time it comes up.

Basically, my quandry is that while my character is a spirifer and has very little in the way of morals, on the other hand she’s also fiercely protective of her friends. If it was up to her, she would [color=#000000]use her connections with Hell to try to make a trade for Agnes’s soul[/color], but alas, that’s not one of the options. At this point I am nearly tempted to switch to the C.V.R. just for this storyline (and then switch back to being a spirifer after), but I’m pretty sure that shelling out 50 fate to purchase ‘A change in souls’ twice is probably not worthwhile. ^^;;

I know we’re not supposed to discuss fate-locked content in too much detail, but I was hoping that if I could get a few (very general) opinions from people about what they thought about the end to this storyline then it might tip my opinion one way or another. I’m mostly looking for subjective feelings about the various possible endings (thought they were interesting/boring/etc.) but if people would like to disclose more specific details about the possible outcomes and/or rewards feel free to send a PM.

I was pretty confident in being a shepherd even before this storyline and it only enstrengthened my confidence. I’m sorry if this doesn’t help…

Well the Spirifer side is somewhat heartbreaking I don’t think the Shepard side is worth 50 Nex. The end result is the somewhat the same. The two end up with their differences resolved.

Funny thing, you mentioning this. My character has good business relation with devils, grinds their connection and has sold his soul for a couple of dice (though he will get it back later. He just really wanted the dice). I have bought the trader of Souls, but was unable to choose between Spirifers and Shepherds for a long time. On the one hand, my character is okay with trading souls, on the other hand he is not all that hot for stealing them from the sick and dyeing. On the one hand my character is okay with returning souls to whoever wants to get them back, on the other hand he is not intrested in doing all that dirty work himself.
The perks for both sides are just not that good, or unique, so I waited until there was an actual reason to take a side. Soldier’s story is the reason I finally chose Shepherds. Because, helping a friend? That’s a cause we can all rally behind (even if our individual friends are different). I am not going to speak about the outcome, it’s nothing special. But if you want my opinion, you should spend fate and do it. Do, what you want, and pay the price. You will have more fun with the game this way. I wouldn’t bother with switching back, since there is no reason, but if you really want to, then do the switch twice. A spirifer saving a soulless? That’s a great miracle worthy of 50 Fate, if you ask me.
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BTW, mechanically speaking, the result is exactly the same. This is not the last card in the story, and the next card will override the variable, that stores the currest state of progress, so the game itself will not remember your choice. It’s all in your head.

Thanks guys! I think I will switch to the Shepherd side to the story for a bit then. From a content viewpoint it may not really be worth the Nex, but what you guys have said really reaffirms it is the right choice from a character standpoint. Oddly enough, learning that the results are mechanically the same is really what cinched my determination to spend the Nex!

I’ll probably only spend 25 to switch now, and decide whether or not to switch back a couple months down the road…I will pretend my character is infiltrating the Shepherds as an informant for the devils in the meantime. After all, she has a history of passing information to Hell… :)