those spam posts

are clearly spam, but talk about a weird (disturbing) topic. They promise vashikaran service, which Google claims to be a darker part of vedic astrology/magic, used to control a loved one or to make one love you. A bizarre choice of spam on the Bazaar’s forums.

At least it fits the setting. Alas, the Bazaar does not appreciate manufactured stories, and those threads will not last long.

Sounds like a guy who didn’t click. I did, and a virgin sacrifice later, command legions of the undead from my brass throne on dark mountain

Where in London did you ever find a virgin?
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Someone with the same username also posts this stuff on other forums, after a quick google. And has a Youtube account with lots of videos and the same message - I was a little scared to watch, to be honest.

They just really want their dark love-controlling magic to et customers apparently.

Looks like yet another obscure-or-not-so-obscure word will join the legion of [waking words]. do not speak them, or your words will be eaten. do not make it so you spoke them in the past, or your most recent words will be eaten. Do not play with the waking words.

what word could even trigger that bot? It seems either extremely specific, or extremely non-specific.

[quote=absimiliard]Where in London did you ever find a virgin?
edited by absimiliard on 7/20/2016[/quote]

Look, some of us seek to become proper maiden aunts, not merely spinsters-in-name-only. Or still be approached by unicorns.

The false-love vendors have been cleared from the Bazaar by a platoon of Neddy Men armed with cudgels and chair-legs. All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.

D___, I am really curious about what I have missed.