This may ultimately be the key to your future

I got this quality with “Bringer of Death”. This makes me rather nervous. I don’t want this to define my life, you know. Does anyone have any clues?

spoilers[color=#ffffff]I know it’s used during the rise to a Person of Importance. [/color]spoilers

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I get the feeling this qualities may open options in the eventual endgame. That said, there are other qualities with this descriptor, so you likely need not let your murder define your fate.

How oes one obtain the others?

I gather all of the qualities can be obtained based on the decisions you make in a certain Fate-Locked storyline: ([color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Bound in Diocesan Intrigue, the continuation to Theological Husbandry/Neathymon[/color])

Bringer of Death can be found in a few places ([color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]by causing permanent death[/color]), and there’s at least one known way to get Hellfarer. ([color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Cashing out at a certain point of the Fidgeting Writer story, I think the one that gets a Brass Ring[/color]) But those get you only a point or two in the quality, while it seems the decisions take you to level 30+. I don’t think anyone knows what that means or what they’re good for other than Maurna’s comment, which only checks Bringer of Death and is only part of one choice among a couple different requirements to progress in that storyline.

It’s also worth noting that “A bringer of death” has been one possible prerequisite for “A person of some importance” for a long time, while the tooltip text “This may ultimately be the key to your future” was only added recently. Whatever role it plays in your nebulous future has yet to be revealed.

Also, it is one possible way to move forward in the House of Chimes if you are feeling Delicious

In the use I reference, I obtained all of those qualities by playing through the various storylines. Alas, I do not remember the other qualities but they were also of deliberately low number. Duelist was one, I think?


One used to become a “Bringer of Death” only by permanently killing a few folks around Fallen London. The highest the story could become was 2.
This changed back when the Diocesan Intriguer storylet was introduced, at which time “A Bringer of Death” (along with a few other Stories) became the key to your future and story’s cap is now considerably higher. What this means is still unknown and is likely to remain so.

I don’t believe there’s been any update in this regard since everything that was discussed above, nor any hints as to what we’ll do with them or if we can change them.

I believe the four currently known ones are “Hellfarer”, “Empire’s Kingmaker” (and what that entails), “Fist of the Bazaar”, and “A Bringer of Death”. Source here. If we’re speculating now, I also think this has to do with the future endgame, but also in a style similar to Fallout: New Vegas for whoever’s played it.

Empire’s Kingmaker is used in the Affair of the Box continuation. (Can’t remember if that came out after this thread did.)