This black opal is very FL-ish

And therefore I provide it to you for inspiration:


I think I can see all seven neathy colours on this one ;)

Aw it looks like a downwards facing alien/dinosaur face! <3

I sorta feel like it’s a face that’s spent too long in the Cave of the Nadir, but certainly, it’s open to interpretation!

Description: A curious stone a Glassman claims he found on the shallow flax-choked shores of an impossible river. The gem helps you quickly go into sleep but it also encourages the growth of molds on your bedroom’s walls.

A real Ray-Drenched Cinder! :)

I see all the Neathy colours there! Except…hmm…one I can’t quite recall at the moment.
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This is not a black opal, but it nevertheless is a very FL-ish rock. However, the image is giant and so I can’t inline it, which means it didn’t feel worth making another thread: Dawn Machine chalcedony.

Merciful Meliflua! That’s gorgeous, Ocelot! Thanks for sharing! :D


The eye of this stone blazes solemnly in crimson judgement against the Impossible colors of the Neath. Prior to its fall into the hands of the New Sequence, it was known as a Church icon that can completely ward off nightmares and force the most belligerent devils to their knees.

It also seems to be disappointed by the life choices that you made.

I want a house made out of black opals now. 'Scus them colors, them soothing, madness inducing colors! Mmm, I can almost taste them!

Now I think you are trying to hypnotize people with your pictures, and you are da_n fine at that job, so keep going!

I feel like this stone epitomises the fun side of FL.

Sesame Street is that way!

[quote=Eglantine-Fox]I feel like this stone epitomises the fun side of FL.


Unearthly amusing fossil

A strange and jolly Rubbery Man gave this fossil as a token of gratitude. You feel relaxed and amused whenever you look at its azure face. It also makes you unaccountably peckish when you smell the aroma of freshly-baked cookies.

I believe you mean &quotFlute Street&quot.

Just realized there’s a tumblr dedicated to Neathy colours: Absolutely delightful!

A cosmogone egg:

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phryne , that’s amazing! Thanks for the pointer, too.

Here is another rock that is very FL-ish, which is GIANT so I will just link to the image: really big picture of a rock.

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> So, how fast is that piece of rock?

] It can do the Polythreme run in just five cryptic clues!