Things to not forget before becoming a PoSI

I’ve just unlocked the bazaar side-streets and from what I’ve heard if I keep going I will very soon be a PoSI. I just wanted to know if there is some storylet that I may have missed and that will be closed if I keep going ?
From the search I’ve done, it seems that nothing will close but the informations are dated from 2013 so quite old and I don’t want to spoil me by looking in a wiki.

You should be safe. There are a few choices here and there that lock when you become a PoSI, but these are generally replaced by better choices that being a PoSI unlocks. It is meant to be a positive, and can safely be taken as such.

There are quite a few storylets and cards that are gated by attributes. As you increase to 100+ in all four, you’ll lose access to a number of stories, and options will change on a handful of them. You’re probably already familiar with using Ridiculous Hats and Talkative Rattuses Faber to stay beneath a stat threshold; you’ll wind up doing more of that for a little while.

The only real downside to becoming a PoSI is that all the menace reducing items become dramatically less effective. Thus, menaces will be a fair bit more difficult to manage.

Ok. Thanks for your help, I’m always worryed to miss interesting stories. I will go soon for PoSI !

If you wish to spend some Fate, there’s a unique quality that few people are aware of: Entangled with the Legal Profession!
As none knew this when I became PoSI and regret not knowing about it, I feel obliged to share it with you! This option is available when you need the skills above 100, but double checking, these are the first few requirements. :(

I’ve finally become a Charismatic Presence because I need to raise my Persuasion higher for renown purposes.

Um, what are the ins and outs of this?

Well, you can now flirt with the Amanuensis on his card to generate more making waves, but other than that I am not sure it opens up any special options.

How do I raise my persuasive above 200?
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You basically have to feed Notabilty (Ideally, 15 Notability) into An Unsigned Letter opportunity, which will show up when you have Notability.

Specifically, using the relevant option on An Unsigned Letter will set your Persuasive to 200 + Notability, consuming all your Notability in the process.

One thing I was forever “saving until I needed it” is A Rainbow of Offerings. It locks as soon as you specialise, and I never did get any of the goodies. Don’t let that happen to you!