Things to do once becoming a PoSI?

So I finally became a PoSI and did the tutorial on the whole creating more advance items. However now I must know what should take priority in? I unlocked the University and Labyrinth of Tigers. Idk what the labyrinth has to offer, and am currently doing the investigation that comes with the University. Is there anything in particular that I should keep an eye out for once I’m done with that?

Once you become a POSI, probably the single most significant thing to do is obtaining a boat so you can go Zailing. In addition to two or three “free” locations that become available, there are more locations unlocked and required by other late-game storylines. Off the top of my head, Court, the Labyrinth, the University, all four Ambitions, Polythreme, and a few Renown rewards. Plus whatever in Salt’s name the Iron Republic counts as.

Don’t look up what the Iron Republic is. Just go there. You can only experience for the first time once.

You’ll probably want a better profession soon, which all require Notability. (Except Author, sort of.) Therefore you may want to get some of those advanced items for their Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable boosts, which helps with Notability. Specifically God’s Editors, a Sedan Chair or Landeau, and a Club give a fair amount. The advanced ships also give BDR, but are much more expensive, so if you want to start exploring sooner don’t worry about that grind.

Do not worry about what to do first! Have fun, do gather Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable where you can, go for a ship but otherwise just do what you fancy the most. There is no hurry to do anything first.

I went with the ship first,but you’re not required to get certain items first, but what you can do is perhaps gather a lot of resources so you can chose whatever reward you’d like.
But I suggest going for the items with the highest Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable as said here by everyone.

The Bifurcated Owl you can get by breeding monsters in the Labyrinth (with a little application of Fate, if I remember correctly) is downright wonderful with its Dreaded +2 and Bizarre +2.

Double application actually: Theological Husbandry (20 Fate) and Flute Street (25 FATE) both need to be unlocked through stories (Theological Husbandry in the Labyrinth and Flute Street through progressing through the University)

The stats of the Bifurcated Owl are +5 to Persuasive, Dangerous, Watchful and Shadowy, as well as +2 Dreaded and +2 Bizzare
While it’s stats increases aren’t that great, the +4 BDR is only shared with the Übergoat

I believe that collecting as much BDR as possible should be mid-term goal. You need a lot of Notability for seasonal events and top professions. Last Hallowmas was particularly harsh in that regard.
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