Things to do at the Empress's Court?

[li]I just arrived at the Empress’s Court and started working on a Novel. I noticed that the location does not appear on the map, so reentering might be complicated…
[li]Anything noteworthy that I should look out for? I have a lot of options, many of which require much more connections than I have…

You have to go back via the Shuttered Palace again, which is tricky… So you have to be careful with travelling around London while you are at Court, I guess. But the Palace lets you farm the rep necessary to re-enter Court, so that’s ok.

You can just use the options that don’t require any/as much connections to write your novel. If I remember correctly most of the options are there as alternatives for flavour. I don’t remember the progress actions themselves giving me anything extra special, and certainly nothing that’s unique-- although I might be wrong-- other than progress for the texts you are writing at Court (they might’ve changed that recently, though. I did the Palace before the recent &quotA Name Written with a Flourish&quot update).

Edit: However, some of the progress actions do give interesting items that are rare but not unique-- e.g. Secluded Addresses. You might want to explore and try each option once, since there aren’t exactly very harsh penalties for failing the checks, although do note that succeeding (and sometimes even failing) actions that require connections will often drop that connection slightly. It depends which you’d rather lose: some Inspired… quality or some Connections quality.

Edit again: It seems my info is outdated; thanks for the clarification, everyone!
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Well… I lucked out and got a pair of Secluded Addresses from the Decency Evaluator. That’s something interesting, even if it has a low success chance.

I’m wondering if there are any rare successes that get me anything else nice… or anything at all.

I believe the one with plays about the main lead gives you a diamond on rare success (think it’s a flawed one though).

Thanks to the persuasive tracker, returning to the Court is now free. Well, it still uses an action, but nothing else.

Though, if you really miss the old way of traveling to the Court (that required spending connections), you can visit the Bohemian Sculptress in your lodgings to spend a large amount of Connected: Society to get in, for no reason whatsoever.

I cannot stress the importance of being at court.

There are two things you can do there, that while you have small chances of opertunity to do them latter, become harder then.

You can get hedonist to 15, and you can get correspondence to 10. (whoops, sorry, fixed)

The completionist in me begs you to perform and compose everything before the court that you can. This means denying somebody important a number of times, but that’s okay, he’ll get over it.
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The Correspondence symphony only raises SotC to 10.

Do I need any points in SotC to get points from the Symphony? I have not touched the Forgotten Quarter much yet, because of a lack of resources to get supplies.
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Yes, you need to be a Scholar of the Correspondence to do that symphony.