Things are falling out of my brain

I used to have a route to the land of rubber. No, not a fetish parlour - the place where rubbery men come from, the name of which has momentarily dissolved in my brain.

I think I went to go find it again, rather than take a short cut. And now I’ve no idea where to go next.

Refresh my memory. IS it somewhere in the carnival, or have I broken something?
edited by babelfishwars on 7/14/2013

At the Carnival - the Way to Flute Street should get you there.

Yup. I no longer have one of those. :-S It disappeared after I rejected the shortcut for exploration. :-(
edited by babelfishwars on 7/14/2013

Did you get to Flute Street again? I know you can’t use the shortcut when you are taking the long way.
Might be time for a bug report if neither way is working for you.

Check your lodgings?

And I am senile. It’s the heat. Or at least I hope it is, or I’m doomed. (Doomed)

It is the eyeless skulls, I tell you. The eyeless skulls. You are drowning in violet.

The walls are wrong.[li]