There are people to stab, and I can't stab them.

It was with considerable delight that I checked my messages today and found not only my weekly Sense of Urgency, but prize tokens! Heck, it’s only been hours since I read that it’s been forever and a day since Knife-and-Candle prize tokens were released and had resigned myself to the inevitable wait.

I am keen to start stabbing, but it looks like the Opening from a Sense of Urgency now only lets you change your form. When did that happen? Is this a permanent change? The game is already rather frustratingly slow with only one opening per week, and that’s assuming you still have your Form and aren’t forced to spend that week’s Opening on getting a new one.

You can find other openings on opportunity cards - some of the lodgings, and the Soft-Hearted Widow, among others.

Also, if you’re in the Moon League there is a storylet that allows you to issue a challenge to people. No waiting for cards required. :) Here is a list of all the cards that allow you to attack in the Iron League.

Ah, I forgot about the Moon League for a second there. Time to trawl the Knife-and-Candle thread for contacts.

I think I’m just going to float a support ticket for this in case the option to attack just isn’t showing up for me or something. Thanks a bunch, y’all!