Theosophistical Society

The series of cards that you unlock as part of the Wars of Illusion (Theosophistical Enquiry, Discussion, Debate etc.) Does anyone know what their lock requirements are? They unlock at Wars of Illusion 10 but do they then disappear once you’ve advanced to Wars of Illusion 15? I am in the middle of getting through them but am stuck on Seeking 4. I assume RNG hates me in this instance and happy just to flip cards. But I would also like to sail and Seeking disappears when you sail. So I am just concerned that I might lock myself out of that content if I sail. Does anyone have any insight?

Also, I know that this is not a story per se but more an informative series of cards. But for those who have gone through all of them, does it seem like this is an unfinished storyline or it is what it is? (I am asking for the purposes of seeing whether I should add it to my thread about loose ends)

Unfortunately no. Those (rather useless) cards will appear any time you have the relevant qualities.
As far as I know, the War of Illusions storyline is extremely unfinished, but it ends in Mahogany Hall, not on those cards.

But how do you regain Seeking…? They only appear if you have Seeking…, which disappears once you go to sea. When you come back I can’t think how you would regain Seeking… and so those cards should not reappear. No?..
edited by genesis on 7/10/2015

You can get Seeking back by building it up in the Flit. Though I’m pretty sure the cards disappear once you progress too much into the Wars of Illusion, since the starting card shows up without any Seeking or location requirement, but I never see it on my main.

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Wait, it does? Oh, damn… I’ve been keeping a high Seeking… active for AGES, waiting for them to pop up. I WAS wondering why it was taking so long… but if you’re right, it’s presumably because I progressed in the Wars of Illusion to the current end-point. >_> Damn. I’m sure there’s nothing IMPORTANT to be gained from those, but… I would’ve liked to try them.

They’re not terribly important, but they were kinda interesting. I’m hoping FBG reworks that little storyline at some point. It’s way too easy to miss or lock yourself out, and I recall Alexis saying that he didn’t like how Seeking was used in it.