Theoretical red honey question

If someone’s been thrown in the garden cages on the Isle of Cats and had their memories honey-fied, what would happen if you could feed that person’s honey-memories back to them? I assume the answer is terrible things, but does anyone care to speculate on the specifics?

(I’m writing a thing and this question came to mind.)

If you complete the Isle of Cats quest line with Zaira as your patron she mentions having escaped and regained her memories in this way. Of course, it could just be that Zaira has the memories of someone else who did that since she uses so much she can hardly tell when her memories start and others begin. So either it 1. restores your memory to such a state that it can be reharvested if you are put back into the cages again or 2. It makes you, uh, like Zaira. I like to think its the former, and that her memory troubles are a side-effect of addiction instead. You’ll still be physically disfigured from the extraction process, but I hear rubberymen’s restorative sciences can help with that too.

Perfect, thanks! I always went with Isery in my playthroughs and I never thought to check the game files for the end of Zaira’s line when I was trying to find out the answer to this.