Theological Implications not triggering.

I attempted to build a skeleton (Human Ribcage, two human arms, two thighs of St. Fiacre successfully attached) and I tried to sell it to a Familiar Bohemian Sculpturess, who gives prizes for Theological things. The legs were successfully attached, but I got no reward for this.

Is that a bug?

According to the wiki, you should have gotten 2 rumors of the upper river in addition to the preserved surface blooms. What did you get?

Just the blooms.

It may have been updated. I will check it later with my characters.
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Someone asked this last week on the fallen london subreddit as well, they said they failed one and succeeded one thigh bone, but got no rumours. The in game text does state she prefers skeletons devoid of antiquity, so maybe it’s supposed to be (Skeleton: Theological Implication - Skeleton: Antiquity) x Rumours, or alternatively having any Skeleton: Antiquity voids that reward. What skull did you use?

A Bright Brass Skull. She won’t accept a skeleton with antiquity at all.

The action should be locked out if there is Antiquity, shouldn’t it?

Yeah I noticed that too. Not sure what’s going on then.

As soon as the character that I have planned to do the check is available, I will shuffle him over to the Bone Market. I am having my characters check if the bug with the Ribcage experiment has been fixed or not.

My guess is that the Bohemian Sculptress is no longer offering that. She is one of the No-This-Quality characters at the Bone Market, and those two other characters don’t give anything extra for specific Skeleton traits.

I supposed few editors bothered to double-check her offering, not when selling her the scam thighs was an option that is already available for so long.
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I just got two Rumours for two Theological Implications as expected.

Really? And you did it the same way? One Human Ribcage, one Bright Brass Skull, 2 Human Arms, 2 Thighs of St. Fiacre?

Nothing seems wrong here. Thorny Ribcage. Two unidentified thigh bones, two sacred ones. Declared a Chimaera and sold it on a lucky roll.

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Hmmm…I think the problem was I declared the subject as a human. Unusual saints means it’s probably rubbery or something.

I … don’t think that the skeleton type matters in her case.
Would she purchase a holy Chimaera - of all thinks to be sanctified - more than she would the supposed remains of a saintly human?

I’m saying that when I did it as a human (and I did it more than once), she never found theological implications. And judging from the picture you provided, the “unusual saints” part makes me think not declaring it as a human is needed.

I can confirm that I also encountered this, perhaps a week or so back. I sold her human ribcage with two Fiacre’s thighbones (plus probably Ivory humeruses and a Brass skull), succeeded on all checks and still did not get any Rumours.

It does seem that the problem is with &quotHumanoid&quot designation and/or a lack of Amalgamy/Menace.

I’ll try a Theologically interesting Bird tomorrow.

I have sent an email to Failbetter Feedback.

Two experiments later I believe that Human Ribcage (and/or Humanoid Skeleton type) is the problem.

When I was building on Human basis, even though the skeleton already had Amalgamy and I passed the check, St. Fiacre’s Thighbone did NOT add any Theological implication (not stated in the result, nor present in the Skeleton qualities in the Myself tab).

When building on Thorned Ribcage, a Bird with 2 Fiacre’s bones gave me 2 Theological Implications, which translated into 2 Rumours.

I believe this is what is meant by “unusual saints”. Humans are too usual for our avantgarde friend, the Sculptress. She desires birds, chimeras, curators and the like :)

Now that I look at the gameplay instructions, it might be that Human Ribcages get zero Theological Implication.

UPDATE: Emily of Failbetter has replied. The ribcage type does matter. I have edited the wiki page on this option - will update the guide soon.
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Perhaps it’s because the Thorny Ribcage has Amalgamy? Has anyone tried adding Amalgamy to a human ribcage and before the Thighs of St Fiacre?