The Wonderful and Vociferous Fog-Horn...

Has it changed? I’ve been really enjoying the now useful fog-horn. I love steaming around the stalacmites of Gaider’s Mourn blasting it as a warning to the pirates and the temptation to use it out on the dark zee just to see what monsters might come rushing over to investigate.
Since the launch though, it seems I can only use it once per undocking…or maybe it’s once per load, i’ll have to go back and check. I wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else want to share in my enthusiasm for the trememndous fog-horn? Haha! To the North!

Once per load, i notice that too, i think it would be (fail) better to send a bug report.

Wait, the horn has a use now? I didn’t notice!

Bug Report time then. Yep, the horn can now be sounded to alert enemies to your presence. Useful if you’re hunting something specific or role-playing an insane zee captain who lost his fear along with his drowning pearls.

Ah, awesome. The second one it is.