The whisper-locked box

I’ve recently got a whisper-locked box quality in Fallen London. How does that work? What do I do to access this content in Sunless Sea? I’ve forced download of new stories in the menu but I have not seen any new storylets mentioning the box in London or anywhere else I’ve been with my captain.

Have you started a new captain? You need to start a new captain for these changes to take effect.

Since you’re in Fallen London now, though, I’d recommend taking a look at the Parabolan Kitten adoption agency, which offers you the Parabolan Kitten in Sunless Sea, which is a +2 Hearts mascot available from the beginning of the game. Not fantastic, but still nice. And adorable.

Oh thank you. I won’t start a new captain for a while, I think. I’m way into my path to victory with the current one.

Yeah, you’ll have to start a new captain for it to show up in your inventory. It shows up for each next captain though, which is nice. A word of advice: don’t sell the box, the stuff inside is (potentially) more valuable than any of the offers you get along the way of the quest. And you get a nice storylet out of it.