The Waswood Remembers the Prelapsarian Exhibition!

“On inclement seasons in the Waswood, certain eddies emerge in the brackish water. The willows, dipped weeping in the stream, part and allow for new passages to form in the forest. Or, perhaps more accurately, old ones.”

Dreamers construct an edifice in the Waswood – a place of learning and elucidation. Players with access to the Waswood in Parabola may now experience the Grand Opening of F.F. Gebrandt’s Museum of Prelapsarian History, recreated in the lands of dream. Donate exhibits and building materials; witness a first-hand demonstration of scientific wonder; work together to help Gebrandt save a memory of London from a peril of ages past.

The Sacroboscan Calendar rotates through a different past event every week, looping back around once each event has been shown. Some events – such as the Prelapsarian Exhibition – allow you to gain some items or qualities that were previously retired, if you do not already have them. The calendar is otherwise not a profitable venture, but a slow, low-pressure tour through the past.


I’m excited to find out what the returning items are! I’m hoping for the Perfumer and address book affiliations, myself.

EDIT: on reports from Reddit, you should bring 1 Vitreous Almanac, 75 sightings of a Parabolan Landmark, 10 Memories of Light, 250 Venom-Rubies, 1 Viric-filled Mirrorcatch box, and 3 Emetic Revalations. The rubies onward apply only if you don’t have the Initiate of the Perfumers Arts already. Also, bring an Oneiric Pearl if you don’t have Your Name in FF Gebrandt’s Address book.

I think I got a nice bathtub from this event previously.

Waswood events are just a way for players to experience previous events, no?

That’s what the post says, no?

If you got everything from the original event, it may still be worth a trip through: there’s an entirely new Affiliation available. No uses so far, and not best in slot, but still a cute souvenir:



And a triple-alliteration.

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Cylindrical Phénakistiscope, to keep or not to keep? And if you don’t keep it, what replaces it?

Just want to point out that among the three rewards given for this event: only the Mostly-Faithful Ushabti Replica (1:4 Scale) has a documented use.

To get it, you will need to pick Spare a thought for the ushabtiu during this Waswood instance. Unless of course, you already got the Ushabti Replica during the actual event some time ago.

This new Affiliation appears to require bringing with you 75 x Sighting of a Parabolan Landmark, 1 x Vitreous Almanac, and 10 x Memory of Light. Which it might be useful to know beforehand.

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