The Waswood Remembers the Great Sink of 1899!

“On inclement seasons in the Waswood, certain eddies emerge in the brackish water. The willows, dipped weeping in the stream, part and allow for new passages to form in the forest. Or, perhaps more accurately, old ones.”

The Waswood is riven in twain! Players with access to the Waswood in Parabola may now re-experience the earth-shaking events of the Great Sink, recreated in the lands of dream. Delve beneath London at Mr Chimes’ behest; discover strange treasures; disturb ancient powers; help the Masters save a memory of the London-that-was.

The Sacroboscan Calendar rotates through a different past event every week, looping back around once each event has been shown. Some events – such as the Grand Clearing Out – allow you to gain some items or qualities that were previously retired, if you do not already have them. The calendar is otherwise not a profitable venture, but a slow, low-pressure tour through the past.

To mark the occasion, the Waswood has interrupted its schedule to present the Grand Clearing Out early – it is happening now, and will run from the 13th to the 20th of October. After this, the Waswood will resume its normal course with a memory of the Election of 1897. The Grand Clearing Out will then recur regularly at the end of each cycle, following after the Opening of Arbor.


According to devs on discord, the only things you can’t get from this retelling of the event are Preserver of London and The Horse.

Other then that, go nuts, have some fun digging shit up.

What are the unique or powerful items that you can obtain?

There are mementoes, though I don’t know that they’re useful or powerful - maybe just … mementoes. (I have a bottle of “Sporeburst.”)

Looks like I will need to pause my lengthy lab research and head over to Waswood now.

Hmmmm. Do I want a different memento, or is “Sporeburst” the best thing ever?

I would like to obtain the Singed and Stained Work Gloves which the Sacroboscan guide on the wiki says is available. However, I can’t figure out how to obtain this from the current Waswood option. Can anyone help explain the steps to me for obtaining this item? Thanks.

The work gloves can be obtained by donating one of the tier 8s when you have that option. You also get an Affliation. NOT Preserver, but a metaphorical echo of it I suppose.

Wow, a tier 8 (1560 echo) item? I don’t want the work gloves that bad :slight_smile: Besides, the only tier 8 item I have is a vial of master’s blood. I have only about 890 certifiable scraps so I am a LONG way from obtaining more tier 8 items.

I sided with the Masters and got the Sporeburst wine. Now I wonder if I should have sided with London or the Bazaar and got the Unusually Loyal Map of London instead.

And what would you get by siding with the Revolution/Liberation? Nothing is mentioned on the wiki.

During the actual Great Sink event last year, I managed to get the Singed and Stained Work Gloves. I only found out after checking my inventory. So that’s why I probably didn’t get it this time from Waswood.

Also, I still didn’t help the Masters build the machine this time. Ingredients too expensive. I have about 2.6k Certifiable Scraps now, I need to submit 3.2k Scraps to get a Breath of the Void. Alternatively, get 35 Airags and upconvert them to a Vial of Master’s Blood, but you sacrifice 7 Notability.

Can you get more than one of the mementos from doing the event multiple times? The map, pocketwatch, or… the other one I can’t remember?

No, the text makes clear which one you have, and that it will be exchanged for your other choice.


"Mr Veils is away on business, " says Mr Spices, staring at you in a way that suggests the question itself is rather indelicate.

Well technically he’s dead, but eh.

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You can prepare for the next round/s of the Calendar every 8 weeks! All shall be well!

You know you want a vanity affiliation!

You get a Reverie of Heroism, I believe.