The Waswood Calendar

Interesting. This time, I received an item on top of the one I already had from the original festival.

Only the Viscountess is available to me now. I didn’t know about this, literally stumbled on this as I went inside Parabola to collect stuff.

Well instead of choosing the correct response to get both collars I now have a double of the viscounts one. Blah

Hah, that probably means you can grind more and more collars every time this story comes around. Still gonna skip it, though, since I already have the good collar and I want to move my Jaunt reset day to Thursday instead of late Tuesday

These Waswood Jaunts are re-using the original tracking qualities from the historical content. My Election Support has been on The Tentacled Entrepreneur since a year before the GCO. I got another level of Meeting Mr Slowcake, and refreshed my value of “A Participant in the 1896 Election.”

My original feeling was that those are sacrosanct values which are in glass cases on the museum shelf which is my Myself tab. Overwriting them means changing the real history of my character! This is supposed to be fake history!

But, I dunno. The more I think about it, it’s very on-brand for the Waswood to be mixing up real memories with fake history so that the background of my character inseparably combines fact and fiction, and these events that happened are now mutable again. Plus the Support quality was re-used for all the elections already, so it was kinda mutable to begin with.

But perhaps I wish that Meeting Mr Slowcake could get re-set so I could re-experience that hilarious piece of content next time this rolls around. I’m not sure I echoed all of them the first time.

I saw at least one of the Mutton Island mayoral encounters when it was live, but I managed to miss all the elections when the happened in real-time. How does the Waswood experience differ from the original?
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The original was more of a process. There was progress, a winner, you supported your candidate and spent time building up your support qualities if you wanted. It was a two-week thing, with mid-election polls for who was winning, several professions which let you spend actions and items to increase support for a candidate. It was a big thing.

This one is more like… you get to see all the text and talk to everyone, but it’s all jumbled together together - you get to talk to each of the candidates, ask each of them about each of the other candidates and themselves, pick one to support, and see an ending, all in under ten actions.

The candidate-related text is mostly all there, but the experience is very different.
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Those “secrets” about the candidates weren’t just handed over. You had to do an Investigation or a Flash Lay to uncover them. I participated in the first election and the last one. In the first one there were new secrets to uncover in the second week. And you could do the investigations as many times as you wanted, which I think was the only repeatable source of Compilations of Case-Notes