The Uttermost East...

So, one day as I was zailing across the Unterzee, I managed to hit the eastern border of the map, which was a pleasant surprise, as I thought there was still some way to go. Since I had neither Mark of the East nor Salt’s Song, I chose the first option, and was given the Mark of the East and teleported to Irem, which was conveniently what was looking for. Since the second option has no Key of X, I assume it’s open. Has anyone found Salt’s Song and what does the second option do?
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I figured it might come out later when the ambition opened. But yeah, going off the map works in every direction! Going to the west requires navigating around the dawn machine, and the south has Adam’s way. I was so pleased when I accumulated every one of the cardinal changes in my journal. I think the terror gain from the North is set to ten, but the crew and supply loss is random from the two times I sailed up there. Going east doesn’t seem to do anything else, though.[li]
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You can also get “The touch of the South”, with the added bonus of the most painful way home I’ve experienced… hehehe…

If someone does what it do, assuming it does something, could you PM me?

Oh, you can go NORTH? The last time I managed to navigate between the ice, I just got the message ‘Any further NORTH and the ice or the isolation would consume you’. I have a theory that the east it the passage to Parabola and Hell. Firstly, the failure message for converting map scraps to puzzling maps says there is a route to hell across the Unterzee, but there is no ‘hell’ location anywhere, and since there is the Elder Continent to the south, London to the west, and the Second City to the NORTH, east seems the most likely. And it says (somewhere, I forgot) that Parabola shares a border with hell. Additionally, you are relocated to Irem, where it says ‘dreams walk’ so you waltzed into Parabola, and since you are not permitted in, as per the event text converting a parabola linen garment into a strange shore one, you are pushed right out. Lastly, it says in the ‘the genial magician’ option of the Wednesday in Parabola destinies that the Magician fled to the Uttermost East, and will be there for you when you need it. Where better to hide from someone than under their noses? And conveniently close to you too. Can someone verify this? This is all just 200% speculation.

Well I have done North and East so far, the Teleportation thing is fun and I didn’t get much terror or crew loss heading NORTH:) I would like to find out where to get Salt’s Song to see if that would change the East result.

I’m just heading South now but am a bit worried if the route is through Adam’s Way and I am not to sure about going west in a Destroyer, it is a little bit too big to navigate tight spaces in. But I’m going to retire this captain soon anyway, I just need to make some more echoes to pass on to my heir so they can start off in the Frigate with some good guns.

I don’t know if you’ve already gone, but going south through adam’s way leaves you with 1 hull and 1 crew. I headed up to the fathomking and got a few crew members from him, and if I had a live specimen I could have had my hull repaired as well. [li]

FYI, even dreadnoughts can fit West, no problem. I’ve been in all four directions now :).

Bug report, though: there’s a space-time rift (as one other player has reported) that makes it very difficult to leave the East. Sailing West from either Irem or Aestival, both of which are on furthest-east tiles for me, teleports me back to Irem…

Oops. Now this bug is hitting on EVERY East-most tile. This may be a long stay on this end of the map…

…at least Irem is pleasant, but I gave them all the coffee already…

I gave up on trying to get through Adam’s Way, I kept failing the check and getting my hull melted. I did manage to sail west past the Dawn Machine.

I’ve moved on to a new captain now though as I had completed my Ambition and could retire.

Oh, I’ve finally sailed NORTH and landed in the Avid Horizon, a million miles away from where I was. Has anyone found Materials for the Passage? Maybe the continuation to SMEN will be in Sunless Sea

I deliberately sailed NORTH in order to find Avid Horizon on my newest game. The Admiral asked for a Port Report from there and I hadn’t already found it. I lost 1 crew; 3 supplies and got 10 terror but it was a great short cut and I picked up the first of my items for the Curator :)

I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing for East and Irem, when I have the magician and some coffee.
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You’ll need to follow through the Merchant Venturer’s storyline. Honestly, this is the second or third person I’ve seen asking about it, so perhaps Failbetter ought to consider making that option only visible if you’re actually at that point in the story.

I registered just to say that the NORTH has been much kinder to you all than to me, and that perhaps there may be more to sailing off the edge of the map than we’ve seen. I was at Whither and thought I’d quickly pop up NORTH to see what would happen. I was at about 55 terror. I don’t recall if I lost any fuel from sailing off the edge (I believe I lost one or two barrels), but I lost 3 crew and 4 supplies (all the supplies I had) and gained 50 terror, setting me at 100 and initiating a mutiny the second I sailed from Avid Horizon and killing my fair captain. While a bit miffed, I was delighted that sailing NORTH had at last been made as horrible an idea as it is depicted in Fallen London, but the journey seems to have been much more hazardous for me than for you all. Might the terror you gain be based on the terror you already have, or is there something else I might have done to offend whatever forces see us to Avid Horizon?

EDIT: similar results sailing past the Dawn Machine - gained more than 50 terror at once - madness, mutiny, murder. Curiosity kills another captain.
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[quote=Ewan C.]Oops. Now this bug is hitting on EVERY East-most tile. This may be a long stay on this end of the map…

…at least Irem is pleasant, but I gave them all the coffee already…[/quote]

Glad I’m not alone in this. I get warped to Irem from all sorts of places, even those not on the Eastern edge of the map. Alternatively, I’ve also gone off the Eastern edge without any messages (ship unseen, map stops scrolling horizontally, ship shows up on map somewhere out in the void). This is probably what I get for playing on an old map/save.

Yep. FBG via email confirmed that this is an old-game bug, and offered to fix save files if they are sent to them (at the cost of possible map rearrangement). My game is with them currently for an upgrade; I expect to find that my dreadnaught has become fireproof…