The Truth About Mt. Nomad. (Spoilers!)

It turns out that Mt. Nomad is actually…

The Fathomking’s Niece! (By Marriage… :: ) He will accept her heart but also curse you in return.

Now that I know the horrible truth, where does one find the Tree of Ages and how do you get it’s heart?
edited by Rilauven on 2/20/2015

That is only the tip of the iceberg (if you’ll pardon the unintentional pun) of the weirdness that is Mt Nomad and its connections to the powers of the Neath!

Tree of Ages is near Saviour’s Rocks, but it seems like it’s a rare spawn? I didn’t see it until I’d progressed the spider story quite some way. Not sure if that’s chance, or intended.

edit: also, make sure your terror is under control before you confront it.
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Does the Eater of Names work too?

And, yeah, that family tree has some pretty weird members.
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