The Tomb Colonist

A assorted crowd gathers around makeshift platform. Although the crowd was not particularly large the speaker sauntered up to the platform as if he was going to be addressing the whole of London. Lord Gazter cleared his throat.

&quotMy fellow Londoners, I have a question for you all. What does it mean to be a Londoner?&quot He pauses for a heartbeat. &quotWhat is it that separates us from others. Is it our vitality for we have survived the fall? Is it our character for we have refused to let despair destroy us? Is it tenacity for we have endured? My friends it is all these things and more that makes the people of London not only different from any other people above on the surface, but the any other peoples in the Neath.&quot

Lord Gazter pauses. He pauses until only a few quiet whispers remain. &quotBut what of the tomb colonists?&quot Lord Gazter surveys the faces in the crowd. &quotWhat about our tomb colonist friends. Are they not Londoners? Do they not toil for a wage like any other Londoner? Do they not feel pain like any Londoner? Do they not seek joy in their lives like any other Londoner?&quot

&quotDo they not weep and cry out at the injustices in their lives like any Londoner?&quot Lord Gazter waits. He waits until the words hung like lead in the air. &quotThe answer to all those question is unmistakably, invariably, inescapably yes.&quot Lord Gazter looks out towards the crowd with the look of a judge before the accused.

&quotYet why are the tomb colonist still treated with scorn? Why do the words of their troubles fall on deaf ears?&quot Lord Gazter’s sighs a dreary sigh. &quotWhy is their plight treated any different to any others’ plight?&quot

Lord Gazter looks out upon the crowd again. &quotTo those who ask, what plight does the tomb colonist face, I say to you merely look to the scorn in your own voice. The fate of the tomb colonist made terrible enough by their new state is made worse by people, who instead of treating them like any other Londoner treat them with fear and disgust.&quot Lord Gazter scrunches up his face as if he tasted something foul.

&quotYet their troubles do not end their for many tomb colonists, who although they consider London their home and its residents kinsmen, are shipped off to the tomb colonies as a way of disposing them. To dispose of fellow Londoners as if they were nothing but refuse is unabashedly detestable.&quot

Lord Gazter takes a few steps to his left and faces the crowd. &quotImagine if you were in their position. For a second imagine if you were a tomb colonist. How would you feel? How would you cope with the misery?&quot Lord Gazter takes a few steps to the right.

&quotOr worse yet imagine if one of your loved ones became a tomb colonist. Imagine if one of your parents became a tomb colonist. Imagine if your love became a tomb colonist. Imagine if one of your children became a tomb colonist.&quot

The silence seemed as if it lasted an eternity. &quotMy fellow Londoners, I ask you again. Are tomb colonists not Londoners as well?&quot

There is a pause, but eventually a few start applauding and goaded on by the others the rest applaud as well. &quotI cannot fully speak for all the troubles that the tomb colonists face for I have never truly experienced it. So I would like to offer this platform to my dear friend.&quot Lord Gazter offers a tomb colonist a hand up the platform and he himself descends off the platform.

OOC: To hopefully preemptively answer any questions. This is going on during Flowerdene, and yes other players can get involved as part of the crowd if you want.
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The Mirthless Colonist, previously spectating silently, now saunters through the crowd and takes Lord Gazter’s hand. He deftly steps up to the podium and adresses the crowd. &quotFellow men, women, and individuals of indistinct gender, thank you for your time. As you can see, I’m a Tomb-Colonist, and a fairly old one for that matter. I have personally lived through two falls, some Tomb-Colonists are even older. First, there’s one thing that you should know about the Tomb-Colonies; they’re b____y boring!&quot Many in the crowd stifle a chuckle when they realize that the colonist is not, in fact, joking. &quotIt’s horrible. All we do up there is drink and fight and drink some more. On my last visit to Venderbight, a woman lost her eyeball in my teacup! There aren’t enough Tinctures of Vigour in the world to keep my neighbour from losing his limbs on my doormat! It might sound funny, but we all do it because we dread what comes afterwards. Neathers can only truly die when they’re particularly foolish or careless, but the biggest fool of all is the one that decides not to die, that’s what awaits you there: eternity. Picture thousands of shriveled dusty corpses all coughing and wheezing in endless darkness, that’s what ultimately awaits each of us.&quot The crowd goes silent, a Wide-eyed Dockworker quickly draws a cross across his chest with his finger. &quotWe don’t need pity. We’ve all chosen this fate. It’s an inconvenience, but the Colonies hold amounts of knowledge that would humble a master. We Tomb-Colonists are fighters and philosophers, poets and princes. We are the bandaged dead, and we carry the burdens that London will not. And for that reason, we deserve to be more than-second class citizens! Last night I was denied entry from a soirée where rubberies were in attendance, b____y rubberies! Is that how you treat your fellow man, even if he’s scarred and decomposed? Do you treat him worse than a squid in a suit? It’s a damned shame, and you all know it!&quot
The crowd, while not riled, certainly agrees with the bandaged man in front of them. Three Society ladies excitedly chatter with a bandaged gentlewoman, while a drunken wretch stumbles around with his arm around an annoyed colonist.
The Mirthless Colonist shakes Lord Gazter’s hand and takes two steps backwards.

Lord Gazter takes to the platform again. &quotTo all those who seek to aid in the ending of the tomb colonists plight. I will give two instructions spread the word, and show your support to cause of ending this injustice. Help us make sure that the tomb colonists are treated with the same dignity as any other Londoner.&quot

With a flourish Lord Gazter ties a fresh white bandage to his upper arm. Lord Gazter then again climbs down the platform with his tomb colonist companion. A tomb colonist approaches the two. Lord Gazter smiles at the fellow. &quotHow did we do Alexander?&quot

The tomb colonist’s eyes are bright with joy. &quotExcellent Lord Gazter. Excellent.&quot The tomb colonist turns his towards the Mirthless Colonist and profusely thanks them for their assistance and words.

Lord Gazter turns to the Mirthless Colonist himself. &quotThank you my dear friend, hopefully this will be the start to something grand.&quot He hands the Mirthless Colonist a card. &quotIf you ever require me for anything just make sure to ask, and I will be there.&quot Lord Gazter begins to walk away Alexander happily following behind him.
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