The Tiger Labyrinth Entry?

I have access to the Labyrinth of Tigers, but I can do nothing but talk to the Masters.

Just in case there was any confusion.

Is there anyone who can help me to get access to more stuff here? Friend of mine tells me that I should be able to do more here, but as evident by the picture I cannot.
My Dangerous is at 74, if that matters.

You need to raise your Name Scrawled in Blood quality. That’s raised through the dueling stories, or the capturing beasts for Mr. Inch. Head back to Watchmaker’s Hill and/or Wolfstack Docks to look for Making your Name stories that raise the quality.

Thanks! I went back to Watchmaker’s Hill and noticed a &quotBusiness on Watchmaker’s Hill&quot which allows me to enter an &quotEpic tale of struggle and heroism.&quot I have never seen it before <.< Which basically translates to I never noticed it.

Anywho, thank you :D