The Taste of Lacre - Level 1?

Just a short question from a newbie! I was wondering, is there any way I could get Level 1 in Putting The Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre without using the one bit of snow that I have? I have read about ways such as using the Semiotic Monocle to boost it, but obviously I can’t afford that yet. I really want just one level in this before winter passes, so hopefully there’s a way.
edited by Crocodile on 1/19/2015

The snow will melt soon, so if you want some taste of lacre your best bet is probably to just use it up and dip a soul in it. If you managed to start the Mr Sacks storyline some of the options on those cards also grant ptpt, and once begun you can finish that story at your own pace (so if you wanted to wait until you had the necessary items/qualities, you’d have time).

If you can afford the Broken Giant and the Extraordinary Implication, try mixing the lacre with old wine instead of dipping a soul in it. It’s a gamble, with the odds against you, but the reward is worth it.