The Sunless Skies Launch Trailer

[color=#0066ff]In case you haven’t spotted it in the many other messages I’ve just been sending out about it, here’s our new launch trailer for SUNLESS SKIES![/color]

After “A Sky full of terrors” the music that follows at second 17 seems awfully joyful! :D At least to me.
But this will be a good opportunity to enjoy the game on my (finally) new PC!

Many thanks, delicious!

More sinister music would have fit better in my opinion. Can’t wait to play it full ^^

I love that the new profession selector lets you see all the potential choices at a glance. I’m also intrigued by the glimpses we got of the Blue Kingdom and its agents.

Looks great. I’ll be hoping for a “don’t get pulverised at once” opt-out, of course…

Absolutely lovely trailer, can’t wait for full release so I can finally sink my teeth into my copy.