The Sun never sets on the British Empire

So, let me get this straight: the Traitor Empress actually governs the whole, enormous British Empire - all the rest of which is on the surface - from down here?

No, but The Marquess of Salisbury does at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

We really don’t know a great deal about what’s going on on the Surface. We can catch glimpses of it here and there, which suggest that life goes on, one way or another, in the rest of Britain, and that your average Surfacer is rather ignorant of life in the Neath. It’s entirely possible that the Surface-colonies have reverted to home rule or been seized by another power, and that Her Majesty’s empire is now defined by its Neathy holdings.

Which may mean, of course, that the sun never rises on the British Empire… at least, until the Dawn Machine [color=CC0000]this text excised by order of the Admiralty[/color]

Is that ever mentioned in game?

I wonder whether England Above is a separate side in the Great Game now.

I know Pounds are mentioned in the flavor text for Surface Currencies, so we can assume that the Bank of England operates in England Above in a separate economy, whatever the politics are.