The stuttering has not gone away

With the Magellan update, I am still seeing visible stutters in gameplay. The symptoms have changed: before, there was a small (one or two dropped frames at most) stutter every time the fuel gauge ticked down. Now, there is a much larger stutter (I’d guess at least 250ms) less often, and no longer at predictable moments. It seems to be more likely to happen at the moment of log update, crossing a tile boundary, or when an atmospheric effect appears or disappears, but it can happen anytime.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Note that I play (mostly) on a five-year-old Macbook, which as you might imagine did not have the fastest of CPUs or GPUs even when it was new. The effect may not be visible on a faster machine.

I’m afraid that might be the cause for your problems.

I get a bit of stuttering but I am playing on an old laptop.

Well, I am actually seeing a bit of that stuttering on a new laptop. But I’m also quite ready to blame Windows 8 for not only this, so I haven’t really bothered looking into it yet.

I had a pretty souped up computer running Sunless, and would see much as you do - stutters across tile zones and when hitting ports.

It’s a different stutter to the the framerate one. Almost certainly related to processing large datasets on specific events, rather than a timing thing.

I’m still getting stuttering. Windows 7 desktop.

My stuttering has almost completely disappeared. I say almost because once in a while the game has a sort of “hiccup” of a fraction of a second. Nothing too intrusive.